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Kenworth K100 / K123 Questions

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Just a thought.....

If you got the complete snap KW chassis, you should be able to drop the aerodyne cab on it with a bit of frame grafting. Try using the frame from the front suspension to bumper (to get the hinge mounts and proper frame shape) from the K123 and the drive train and remainder of a KW snap frame kit. The differences between the K100 and K123 cab hinge mounts front frame rails I would not think (read between the lines on that one) SHOULD be real close.

This method worked pretty well for me on a junk box slap together build. (check the workbench and under glass sections Aero Astro for more details). Sorry I don't have access to it to get more pix. It is a snap KW W900 frame/drivetrain with front springs/frame from the AMT kit. It wont survive the rivet counters scrutiny but surely presents some options.

Good luck!


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I put the 3406 in an Italeri Ford LTL-9000. It has a few short comings detailwise due to the snap nature (mostly hollow areas and pegs), but was not hard to improve. It was a fairly easy swap for the Cummins that came in the kit.


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That is a nice looking cab. You should not have too much trouble mounting it.

I have several Aero cabs that I plan on using the 123 chassis for. Seems to me there was no real differences in the frame except the length . But it has been several months since I looked at them . (pre move packing)

Other then improving the tilt hinge and relocating the rear cab mount.

I plan on using a piece of aluminum or brass tubing between the frame rails with pins for the tilt. Not prototypical but functional.

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