Back Issues

Model Cars Magazine: Back Issues (US Addresses Only)

Order back issues by sending us an email through the contact form below. As of July 26, 2018, we have run out of Issue #192 and #175. All the rest we have in stock.

We have a few of the first issue, the Premier, and they are also available signed.

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Back issues cost $10, postage paid, for each issue, US Addresses Only. You can save money by purchasing more than one, up to six or so will fit in the USPS Flat Rate Envelope. When you send the request form below, we create an invoice using PayPal, AFTER we have confirmed that we have the back issues in hand. This takes usually a few days, and we ship them out as soon as the invoice is paid. We are also now shipping the back issues inside of clear plastic bags, inside the mailing envlope.

 We are also working on creating a full digital archive of all the prior issues.

We will be updating the Back Issues Pages soon.