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In Topic: Flat bed 40 Ford pick-up

23 July 2014 - 12:03 PM

The black with the crystal red pearl are on, with pinstriping, graphics and the first coats of clear. Next will be a rubbing down and then a few more coats added. The dash will be getting the clocks and switches installed and I will get around to making the brake calipers, eventually. I may also finish off the engine and put it in to the chassis.
14542157507_0e6fa34b79.jpgDSCF7570 by doomcrew, on Flickr
14725445101_b82273f1fa.jpgDSCF7573 by doomcrew, on Flickr
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In Topic: Flat bed 40 Ford pick-up

08 July 2014 - 10:41 AM

Managed to some colour on the body, which is Anti-Venom Pearl Yellow over white. The top half will be sprayed Black with Crystal Red pearl. The bed is made, :D with real wood veneer. Turned the remaining wheel hubs, ignition coil, dash instruments, two of the pulleys and an oil filter. 
14627397993_89f7778c8d.jpgDSCF7555 by doomcrew, on Flickr
14420961187_567a0608a6.jpgDSCF7557 by doomcrew, on Flickr
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14420798809_96b09c7a38.jpgDSCF7565 by doomcrew, on Flickr
Stay tuned for more.

In Topic: Flat bed 40 Ford pick-up

23 June 2014 - 12:37 PM

More progress has been made on the pick-up. Decided that the colour will be base pearl yellow for the body, with that I could paint the chassis, which had a black base and crystal red pearl over the top. I made one of the wheel hubs along with four brake discs, I can now turn the other front hub, and turn the rear ones, but these will have to be a little deeper. Still have to make the coil overs as well as a few more parts on my lathe, but at least I am going in the right direction. The fuel tank was turned on my lathe in four parts. The doors will close with the aid of earth magnets and steel pins. You can see the magnet fixed to the inside of the body, while the pin is fixed to the inside of the door with just the head exposed from the interior door panel.


14491457012_cf6834812d.jpgDSCF7552 by doomcrew, on Flickr

14489310511_01c6cbda7a.jpgDSCF7545 by doomcrew, on Flickr

14469580776_2d408d060a.jpgDSCF7553 by doomcrew, on Flickr

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14512816203_37851572fc.jpgDSCF7544 by doomcrew, on Flickr


Thanks for looking.

In Topic: 32 Ford Hot Rod

21 May 2014 - 07:14 AM

Cheers Grant.  :D

In Topic: 32 Ford Hot Rod

21 April 2014 - 11:07 AM

that is looking very good. I like the wrap on the headers and all that detail in the motor. orange crate body is a great body, I was going to be doing much the same thing, OC body on a latter day 32 kit, so when you see it don't accuse me of copying! I just hope it turns out as nice as yours, really dig that paint too, it does seem the green base comes through the black giving it a really nice overtone. kool build!




Thanks JB.


Hey go for it, I don't see it as copying, just inspiration. 


Look forward to seeing done.