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In Topic: AMT 1960 Falcon Pickup - Rack

Today, 02:02 PM

I like the middle picture. i'll cobble up something; thanks.

In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Today, 11:00 AM

as long as they have exact change

In Topic: HobbyTown USA coupons and what would you do?

Today, 09:04 AM

maybe bringing up a web of hornets ... but Amazon Prime membership is a value in my magazine. it's about $8.50 a month, includes a Netflix style video membership, free return merchandise service, and two business day delivery for eligible items. works for me; YMMV.

In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Today, 08:59 AM

from a society which fails to follow traffic signals and is unable to make change for a dollar yet is expected to DIY its own solar array.... okay.

In Topic: Steering Wheel

Today, 04:12 AM

I've had good luck with khaki or earth brown base, scribbles with a .01 art pen for wood grain, & then a coat or two of transparent orange. all paint Tamiya acrylic bottles. wood varies so much, nobody will tell you you're wrong with the end result, so it's just what makes you happy.