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Today, 04:01 PM

serious MILF factor at the one I shop.

In Topic: hobby lobby

Today, 12:16 PM

no kiddin'; stuff's up to $10+ now

In Topic: What do model builders overlook that could improve their models?

Today, 09:33 AM

to think.... there was a time when it wasn't the norm to dine at 60 mph!

In Topic: hobby lobby

Today, 09:19 AM

a little off topic here.


had to unlock a house so the exterminator could do his quarterly service. as he was leaving, he "God-blessed" me. it was the first time we had met, and I found it a bit odd under the circumstances.


but figured what the heck, if there is or if there ain't, I can use all the help I can get.


now back to the thread, already in turmoil ... .

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Today, 12:10 AM

your name is Francis Xavier!!! there's like saints 'n stuff with those names. have you been sent here to test our mettle?



spent too many years in grade school with Sister Mary Margaret slapping your knuckles with the ruler?