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Stand-Up Guy 5'7"

26 January 2015 - 08:45 AM

Here lately, as I sit at the bench (desk), on my can, in my well worn comfy chair trying to get some (little)modelin' done the thought of a higher work surface kept crossing thru my glue fumed mind.


After looking about the house I came up with a wooden box to sit upon my desk bringing up a work surface to just about 42".


Then after a slight adjustment of the light I picked up the chassis (that has been giving me a bit of a time) and sat upon this small (approx. 9"x12") platform.


As I now STAND next to this troublesome chassis that is now easier to reach,  and waaaaay easier to see, revealed what was needed to correct issues 


But wait....there is more

All of the tools and related materials are so much easier to access from this now standing position.


Then I removed said box,  pulled up mentioned chair,  picked up TV remote and rolled near enough to reach computer mouse.


But really guys,  this makes for a nice change from sittin' and modelin'