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  1. Same! I was scrolling to see the model. Unreal. Stunning build.
  2. Lookin sharp! Thumbs up.
  3. I love everything about it! Color, stance, pipes, blower, grille, chop…. 😊
  4. Great to see you building again, Bill! Truck looks awesome.
  5. I would buy multiples of the Night Rider. Wish they were releasing that one. I’ll probably get a Dually though. 😊
  6. Tough ‘80s street rod! I love it. Great looking model.
  7. Beautiful custom rod!
  8. Beautiful build of a stunning automobile!
  9. Model Roundup shows it as coming soon - “Late August”. I’m hoping that’s an indication of when most US retailers will have it.
  10. Good looking urban camo! Nice work.
  11. Same here! Dang retro boxing…
  12. Still looking for this decal. Thanks.
  13. Found it! https://www.3dscaleparts.com/product-page/1-25-mounted-bull-horn (I am not affiliated with this business, just thought it might be helpful for others.) Model on…
  14. I remember finding these available to purchase on a website I followed from this forum. I even have them in my cart, but I can’t remember the seller’s name! Does anyone know which aftermarket guy in here makes 1/25 3D printed bull or steer horns for the hoods of trucks? Thanks!
  15. Love it! I’m a big fan of the Marmon Harringtons, and this one definitely looks the part. Well done.
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