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  1. A beauty! She’s the raciest of the three. Really nice.
  2. Very cool! I’ll be looking for one.
  3. Gorgeous! You do beautiful work.
  4. Looking good! Nice job, Steve (and 3 Amigos).
  5. Can someone provide me with a measurement (width) of a 1/24 Monogram ‘87 Firebird nose piece, at the back where it meets the fenders? Thanks in advance.
  6. Anybody talked to Paul lately? He last visited here in December. In August he was working on a resin master for an updated body for the Revell Caddy lowrider. I’d like to get one, if available. Thanks.
  7. Wow. This looks like a hit! I will be getting one. I like that the overfenders are molded on and I dig the "ride height adjustment gimmick." Nice one. Thanks for the heads-up.
  8. Awesome hot rod, Bernard! Very nice work.
  9. No test-shot build images anywhere? The CAD renderings always look great. Sometimes things get lost in the translation to molding.
  10. Randy, My advice would be to change your mindset around this. Don't go trying to get what you paid, or even near it. If you are selling stuff to free up space and make some money, price things to go. Accept offers. Turn kit boxes into money and free space at your house. Good luck. :- )
  11. Hard chop, Pontiac mill, Radir mags: Channeled and sectioned custom rod:
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