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  1. @mikemodeler, how long did it take to get your order? I ordered on Sunday and no update yet. Thanks.
  2. I’d love a β€˜59 conversion set. My favorite year of this generation. Iceman maybe?
  3. I emailed Pegasus and got this response: No firm date, but we hope to have the kit out as soon as we can. Perhaps late this year.
  4. The blue and white one that was photographed at a show in late 2021- with rollbar, winch bumper, and mag wheels.
  5. Does the left-most diamond on the box top image read "85 pcs"? I know the other image says 100, but... I hope the newly-tooled parts are a hardtop body and flat hood. πŸ™‚
  6. Beautiful! Low β€˜36s are a favorite of mine. Nice job!
  7. I have a Revell Hot Wheels IMSA Camaro here. The box is dated 1993 and states "Made in U.S.A." on the side. Hope this helps.
  8. Same! I was scrolling to see the model. Unreal. Stunning build.
  9. I love everything about it! Color, stance, pipes, blower, grille, chop…. 😊
  10. Great to see you building again, Bill! Truck looks awesome.
  11. I would buy multiples of the Night Rider. Wish they were releasing that one. I’ll probably get a Dually though. 😊
  12. Tough β€˜80s street rod! I love it. Great looking model.
  13. Beautiful custom rod!
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