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In Topic: Ariel Atom 3D print

31 October 2014 - 03:15 PM

Skip, the 3.5R is the European Turbo, the US one is the 3S


In Topic: Ariel Atom 3D print

18 October 2014 - 07:44 AM

I know some people who have been using extrusion printers for small scale metal casting.  I believe they've been using PLA without any issues while burning out their investments.  It's one of the steps that makes me more confident with 3D printing as a whole, as it allows an actual, full strength final product.  I love the key fobs, and I'm certain every other Atom owner would love them, too!


Yes, the printing straight to mold is a concept we have been waiting for.  You still have to do some post printing work especially for composite casting though

In Topic: Ariel Atom 3D print

18 October 2014 - 07:34 AM

Things are about to get really interesting ...  Shapeways is reviewing FULL color plastic printing.  Yes, drape a jpg on your model and print it with finer colors than you can paint, er ... well most of you.  Will there be draw backs, sure, but the concept is totally awesome.  Can't wait to play with this!  They have had full color sand stone, but, it is brittle and the design rules don't give you room for detail, but, this stuff has the same design rules as the plastic I usually use of theirs, WSF


I will be able to drape my little HO Atom's for full color and make the 1/24th snap together full painted with moving steering, suspension and rolling.  Making the seats slide is still a little much, but, it is still on the list


Current draw backs that I am aware of, rough texture, no true black and no shinyness

In Topic: Ariel Atom 3D print

29 September 2014 - 11:53 AM

OK, I am getting back on track to finish this project, sorry it is taking so long.  I have gone back in and added a lot of detail to the model enough so that I feel 1/43 and 1/87 are good to go, although neither of those scales as a kit.  I have learned a lot by making snap together surveying models since I posted last.  I decided that I wanted a stainless steel key fob for myself and a gold plated brass pendant for my wife. I got both of them today and they a fabulous!! Pictured with some miniature candy, my thumb is wider ...  #D printed stainless and 3D printed gold plated brass








The 1/24th scale kit is still a ways off as I want to add a lot of detail


The gold one is gold plated brass that is first printed in wax and then through the lost wax process converted to brass (I have been meaning to look into what that means just haven't). The silver looking one is Shapeways Polished Nickel stainless steel, which is a two stage process of layer printing of stainless and glue that is later infused with bronze. Stainless is approximately 70% stainless and 30% bronze when done. The stainless prints that I have all have a slightly rough texture about them, but, the close ups make it look far worse than it is. Look at the one with the pen. The stainless one is very robust and I will be using it with no reservations as a key fob. The brass one is much more robust than I expected, but, I don't believe that a brass fob would work myself. The brass one is heavier than I expected and I was informed that it is a bit heavy for a pendant. The stainless one is just slightly heavier

Better said, ... the silver one is from their stainless steel print (there are like 8 different options) and they are all going to be a little pitted looking up close, they are cheaper and stronger. The gold one is from their semi precious metal collection and because they are made like jewelery they do look better, the trade off will be strength. They have some silver options in their semi precious and their precious metals

In Topic: Ariel Atom 3D print

23 April 2014 - 12:54 PM

I know I am very tardy with any updates on the Atom model, but, in the interim I want to share some pictures fro the SurveyorConnect website.  Nate Drummond did an awesome job painting the laser sintered plastic (these are not the detail plastic ones) surveying instruments  The large one is 1/4th scale and the small ones are 1/6th scale.  http://surveyorconne...hread&id=256600