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Quick Altered

06 January 2015 - 02:41 PM

This was a five-day build that was pretty fun, It'll be a surpise for a friend of my late brother who told me last year how he wished he'd built a model of a fire-breathin', Nitro-snortin' Altered when he was younger. I had seven days to build it, and again- although not fancy it will look good on a shelf. I wish I had time to plumb fuel lines, but I have too much "real" work to do. I may get the Goodyear logos put into white, but that's about it.


This kit went together very well, with a fair bit of detail. I'd like to build another someday and really tweak it. 'Cuz I like those fire-breathin', Nitro-snortin' Altereds my self.









Rub-On Decals?

02 January 2015 - 12:53 PM

Years and years ago Auto World offered these slick decal sheets that you could "rub" on to a surface. They weren't fancy, but they did fill a need. Does anybody offer anything like this today? Thanks.




31 December 2014 - 03:51 PM

I want to thank everyone who contributes here to help us (old) newbies out. I really learned a lot in my first year back to the hobby, and it wouldn't have happened without your help. Happy New Year, too.



First Truck

24 December 2014 - 01:04 PM

Well, since coming back to the hobby anyway. This was also my first "hurry-up" job. I was at therapy last week when I heard the owner say his dream street rod would be a yellow '55 Chevy pickup. He also said he'd like a modern engine in it. Well, I happened to have a '55 AND a '99 Chevy, so with a little hackin' and choppin' I put it together. It's by no means  perfect. but I gave it to him  this morning and he looked like a kid at, well, Christmas.


The wheels are aftermarket also, because the ones on the kit just didn't work for me. I also dropped the axle until it was almost touchin' the ground up front, and the interior features the '99 bucket seats and steering console to spice it up some.


This kit had some pretty bad-fitting features, and I had no time to fix them and still get it done by Christmas. But my goal of "Lookin' good up on a shelf" was acheived.










Merry Christmas everyone.



For My Buddies

12 October 2014 - 06:41 AM

A preface- I love this stuff, but I'm too picky for this hobby. I had to really get ahold of myself and bare down to finish the following projects. Waiting for my skill level to catch up with my wants and needs has been tough.


I've been broke down since April with an ankle injury. Originally (mis) diagnosed as just broken May 1st (I walked on it for two weeks before goin' to the doctor) and after enduring the first cast for six weeks in May and June, I ended up having surgery on it three weeks ago (forty staples, two screws, two pins) for a broken/torn tendon and ligament, and am now in my third cast . Point is, I thought I'd have LOTS of time to do this model-thing. Wrong. The main problem is distractions. Kids home from school made it hard to concentrate. Being fairly immobile for half this time period doesn't help. My back hurts a bitch after walking on a tilt, and with crutches, for over five months and makes it hard to set for any amount of time. The painkillers since the surgery are the worst. Fuzzyness, weird-dizzy  and lightheadedness does NOT lend itself to detail work! My guitar playin' has suffered the same as the models. Good sleep has been tough to achieve. Concentration has been difficult.


Anyway, weaned off of the pills last week, kids are in school, so I got busy, and the results follow-


Wow. When I came back to this hobby in January I had no idea. I reckon I figured I'd build a model every week or so, in my spare time. Wrong... I've got one model completely finished for myself in all this time. In March I decided to build some of my friends' :Dream Cars"- what they'd own if they could. These were built to my friends' specs, including colors, tires & wheels, etc. The only real change to any of them was the Thunderbolt, which I did drop some. Otherwise they're OoB stance-wise (I couldn't stand to have a real Mustang that sets stock like this one does!). The first four were finished this morning, and man- I'm tired. I am fairly satisified with the results, and I didn't get too carried away on details with engine wiring being the only real Micro-work. Unless you count BMF, and these were my first attempts at that LUNATIC part of the hobby. Actually, the Goat was my FIRST BMF, and it was enough to about freak me out. But I survived the deal, and it definitely gets easier. I also muted chrome with a wash, which I thinks adds tremendously to the looks of the final product.


Again, they're not pieces of art by any stretch, but they are what I intended- somethin my buddies can put on a shelf to enjoy and dream about. Thanks for lookin'.
























Now, on to the next project...