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In Topic: 1-8 scale 69 camaro pro mod (mike hill's car)

16 December 2011 - 07:15 PM

Its been a while since I've posted here but I'd like to say a couple of things. Let me start by saying that I was a founding partner at TDR but am no longer associated with them. Dave and I have become friends through chatting on this and another forum.

During its early development, TDR struggled to find sources for good 8th scale material, in particular modern engines, speed equipment, chassis and parts. Due to the amt of time it takes to measure a 1:1 part and scale it down to 8th, it just wasn't feasable time and money wise to bring some much desired parts to life. There were some challenging discussions amongst us but in the early life of TDR we couldn't afford to give you modellers what we knew would excite you.

A few years ago I met Dave. We have some common interests outside of modelling and we've become friends over the internet and a few phone calls. Like me, Dave is not into the "politics" of modelling and he prefers to build for himself. He was understandably leary of TDR and probably thought we were another bunch of modellers who had unatainable goals. But, thanks to the incredible talents of people like Tim, Dave slowly came around and ordered a few test pieces from TDR for his own builds. It wasn't long before Dave and Tim started working together and the early results are what you are starting to see on this forum and in the TDR catalog.

When I saw this discussion, I had to speak up. We are very fortunate that Dave shares his work with us and his build spec's with TDR and asks for nothing in return. Add to that Tim's CAD design skills and thousands of hours spent in front of a computer screen combined with the hard work that all the other TDR partners do........what can I say, other than we're pretty lucky to have these guys in our corner.

Dave, Tim and the TDR Partners..........Thanks and happy ho ho.

In Topic: 8th scale small block Chevy?

11 June 2011 - 04:18 PM


Chris Garcia in California is the best source for wire wheels. Here's a set he made for my 8th scale Deuce build.

Posted Image

If you send him the tires you will be useing along with a detailed description of what you want, he will build to order. These are not plastic or resin, they are real metal wire wheels. Chris can be reached at woodythx138@mlode.com. I've been to his place and seen some of his other wire wheel customer orders and I highly recommend his work.

In regards to the SBC, I have the TDR version and its a very well done kit.

In Topic: Building and Evaluating the TDR 6.l Liter Hemi

02 May 2011 - 10:39 AM

Its time to start smoothing some of the large parts of this kit, starting with the oil pan.

Posted Image

The first thing I did was drill out the bolt holes around the lip of the pan. In retrospect, I should have waited until I was finished sanding. The reason for this is because drilling the holes weakens the lip and it could break when handled during sanding.

TDR products are known for their accuracy and this piece is no exception. Its produced with all the braces and hard to get at areas. However, RP process leaves a slightly rough and layered surface that is hard to get at in small confined spaces. TDR asked that I not use power tools when smoothing parts from this kit. So, with sandpaper in hand, and wrapped around toothpicks and round wooden dowls, I went to work sanding the pan. When done, I shot it with high build primer and found a couple of spots that needed some more work. A bit more sanding and another coat of high build and the pan is now ready for wet sanding and paint.

Posted Image

A word of caution. When working in confined spaces where sanding dust is an issue, I highly recommend the use of surgical gloves and eye, nose and throat protection. Its always best to be safe.

In Topic: Building and Evaluating the TDR 6.l Liter Hemi

29 April 2011 - 04:58 AM

TDR is known for their accurate and high quality parts. All their products are CAD designed and manufactured using the Rapid Prototype process. For those of you who are unfamiliar with this process, Google it.

The RP process produces a product that, unlike resin, is brittle and some of the smaller and thinner pieces can be subject to breakage. However, the good thing is that if a part breaks, the break is clean and easily repaired. And, unlike resin, these parts are not subject to warpage. Probably the most troubling issue with RP parts is the surface "layering" during the manufacturing process which leaves a bit of a rough surface. Don't let this worry you, a bit of sanding and a hit with some high build primer easily removes any surface issues. If you don't wish to take on the smoothing process, the extreemly high quality of the product more than makes up for any surface issues.

As I mentioned previously, the headers included in this kit are a model builders dream come true.

Posted Image

I couldn't wait to see how they looked with a bit of clean up so after just a few minutes of smoothing with sandpaper and a small file I hit them with some high build primer. They are now ready for wet sanding and a coat of paint or some chrome.

A word of caution when drilling bolt, or in this case, flange bolt holes. As I mentioned previously, thin RP produced products can be a bit brittle so use caution when drilling holes. I always drill a pilot hole first and use very little pressure on the drill. Don't use a power drill.

In Topic: Building and Evaluating the TDR 6.l Liter Hemi

28 April 2011 - 06:10 PM

After laying out the parts, the first thing that grabbed my attention was the headers. WOW WOW WOW!!

Posted Image

Posted Image

The headers that come with this kit are not stock, they are block hugger style and man are they cool. This header set is a model builders dream. Just for fun, I test fitted them to a TDR big block Chev and a 392 Hemi and with very minor adjustments they work well. Unfortunatly they won't work on the small block Chev.

TDR needs to give serious thought to including these headers with all their engine kits. And, for the purists, especially those that may want to put this engine in that Cuda we keep hearing about, perhaps a set of stock headers should also be included. Never the less, these are the coolest kit headers I've ever seen and the good guys at TDR deserve a pat on the backside for creating them.