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In Topic: Minicraft Kit Reviews?

09 April 2010 - 01:20 PM

The thought that reissues don't get reviewed doesn't answer the whole question. Obviously, this forum site and a lot of other places are going gaga over reissues of early AMT double kits and other items from Round 2 and other unimaginative producers. The reissue of the Model A sedan at least has the positive of a ton of news parts and options. If you look at the '25 T reissue you will find that it is virtually unchanged from the original. For many that is a good thing because an original is too expensive to build. The idea that the manufacturer might not supply review copies is possible but they would also have to not supply announcements or kits to kit dealers. Seems pretty self defeating. I don't know what's wrong the other replies to this post are all positive about Minicraft models so it can't be a quality issue. Would kit dealers respond to this post please? Thanks