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In Topic: Broken Starter?

10 August 2008 - 07:41 PM

I've about had the whole course regading replacement parts over the years...

Best strategy as far as I'm concerned is to avoid (like the plague) the parts sold a the chain stores like Pep Boys and Wal Mart. Pay a couple of bucks extra to go to at least a local jobber where real mechanics buy their parts. The components my still be Chinese junk but they should be BETTER Chinese junk!

n the lesser parts tere are lesser quality plastic and nylon components used almost universally... I had a 'three time loser' starer on a TBird I had a few yeas back, and a veteran parts guy explained it to me... A further problem is chunking of metal internal components inside items like starters, etc.

Good luck!

In Topic: Will there ever be a plastic mk III lincoln?

08 August 2008 - 06:32 AM

I owned a '69 Mark III in 1977 when I worked on the Pipeline and had waaaaay too much money.
Mine was burgundy in & out, leather, with the black roof.
I was told it had been owned from new by an exec at Universal studios, was sometimes used as a background car in 'McMillan', 'Kojak', and 'McCloud' series when the New York sets wrere used. I've only seen it once or twice on those.
Magnificent car, absolutely silent and quite fast!
A good resin kit would be a fine addition to any collection.

In Topic: Revell Kits Announced for 2009

06 August 2008 - 09:21 PM

I guess Ford is doing the same thing as GM did with the Camero, first they had a retro style concept like this:
Posted Image
but decided to go with this, don't get me wrong I love the fact that they revamped it but I liked the retro style better.

Also here is a shot of a concept El Camino
Posted Image

I think this could be achieved in 1:2 scale with a new camero kit and an El Camino kit. Unless someone has already done it.

These two are just computer renderings done by a non-GM artist, originallyseen in magazines to pump up the return of the Camaro
Granted, they shoulda HIRED the guy, but that's not the case right now...

In Topic: "Gone In 60 Seconds" 73 Mustang Fastback

05 August 2008 - 05:59 PM

Geez, If ol' Jairus keeps doin' this I'm gonna have to hire him as my agent or something!
I came to know Toby a bit shortly before he was killed, neat guy if waaaay too sloppy with movie stunts!
That's what got him in the end...

Now, Jairus is correct that Eleanor is not a Mach One... just a rough, salvage title, theft recovery (who'd'a thunk?)302 fastback out of Toby's junkyard in Gardena, stripped and rebuilt as a 'tank' with lots of stiffening of the body and Chassis. Even with a lot of prep, the car pretty much broke in half at landing in the long jump on 190th Street! The stock rims like your model displays are right on the money, but you do need the flat hood and a good bit of semi-gloss black paint to make it convincing! The hot setup might be to select a point in the film and replicate the car as it was at that moment.

It'd be cool to do a replica of Toby's jump practice car, a white '65 Fairlane 4-door!

I also wish that more people could see the movie in its' original form. Tha original music was as awful as it was priceless! Toby's widow removed all the music from the new edit so as to avoid having to pay his family the royalties they deserved.

In discussing the movie a couple of times with Toby I came away with the feeling that Gone was a documentary of sorts... at one time in the late-60s he was under indictment for 101 counts of Grand Theft Auto... Oh, the stories he could tell!

Keep us posted on your build!

In Topic: '40 Ford Coupe early issue in progress

02 August 2008 - 07:53 PM

The steelies were often the 'base' for the Fiestas when a hot rod was entered in the stadium car shows that were common in SoCal in the late 50s when the truck was built by Roth. He even sold it at one of those shows.

I recently saw a pic of Ed Roth's shop truck, (the 56 Ford in the kit) and even it had steelies in every day use. The Fiestas were easily stolen if left on all the time. His shop was in Maywood, Ca., I believe, no 'garden spot' even then. Now, it defines 'hellhole'...

So there...