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  1. While it's an R/C related purchase, these do look pretty realistic for what they are meant to represent! Mod19RC Micro Shark................dududu..dududu.......... Type S conversion kit! Sorry, couldn't help it They offer 2 versions, a Type S with a Suzuki Samurai/Jimny style hood/cowl and grill or the Type T where the same parts are intended to represent the Toyota FJ40 and both are 3D printed. Here's the designer's builds, I bought the parts to build one like the blue Sami on the right. http://www.rccrawler.com/forum/mod19rc/611960-micro-shark-tube-buggy-convers
  2. They had the full version out for a while, not sure why they even bother with the blue one vs the full version though.
  3. That’s what my brother in law got, the side effects hit him pretty hard, but he’s also in his 20’s and it sounds like the reaction to the side effects may be worse based on how young the recipient it. I ended up with chills the following night after dinner with my first shot then slept it off, so I’m hoping this one may be similar.
  4. Other than a sore arm where I was given it and being a bit tire from getting up earlier than normal, no.
  5. Got my 2nd Pfizer COVID shot this morning😁
  6. I bought a couple of these back when they came out in purple with green preprinted graphics and liked it other than the preprinted graphics and stupid looking tuner wing. Saw it and one of the Fury kits at a LHS when I stopped to get some more stuff for me Axial SCX24 Deadbolt and decided to grab both, starting with the Concord since it needs less work due to the lack of a “hole” to fill in the hood and build it along the lines of a V.I.P. Style build. I put it together to get an idea and glued the wing in place to act as a filler for the holes in the deck lid to mount it then
  7. I’ll be honest, that lowering and ditching that stupid looking tuner wing goes a long way on that Concord. A 2dr as a lead sled style could be interesting and easy to do on these!
  8. Picked these two up today, think the Concord is going to be more of a VIP style build and will need to take a look at HobbyLink for their VIP accessories. Now, the Fury is going to be box stock other than rolling stock, May look at Pegasus for those.
  9. IIRC, the car shortage is a chip supply issue and the rental shortage is because rental companies sold off the rentals that were not being used in the last year due to Covid because they didn't want to sit on them...........now they have a need for new, cheap, cars but with the chip shortage, new cars are harder to get and they no longer have a back stock of rentals to fall back on....... Apparently they should have read up on dealerships stocking up on new cars prior to WW2 war production change overs for when they had customers that needed cars during or immediately on hand after the wa
  10. I hadn’t it much for a few years while Mom was sick and wanted to get out more often after we lost her last January, but COVID hit before I could. I decided that I HAD to this year once the weather got better not only to get use out of them, but as exercise as well.......then ended up in the hospital with MRSA onceI was down to only a couple weeks left of 6 weeks of antibiotics after I got out, I finally just did it and have been out at least once a week the last few weeks. All that said, got new wheels and tires for the 1/24 Axials and packed some tungsten putty into the front bum
  11. Dad and I took the Axial SCX24 Deadbolts (1/24 scale, though the Lindbergh 1/20 trucks are closer in size) I bought us about a year ago out and ran them on the rocks for the first time, it was also the first time Dad has tried a radio control crawler in probably more than 10 years too! I’ve made a few minor mods to mine like removing the lights and protective hoop from the roll cage, pulling the lights from the bumper (want to put them on the body), removed stickers, then more recently added a better servo and aluminum mount for it, and printed parts from Shapeways to not only lower the batte
  12. If it’s line the one near me, they have a good number of them, though I’ve yet to see the Rivian built vans around here yet.
  13. Funny you mention that, first time I heard that Celine Dion song mentioned a couple decades ago, I had that same thought, even the music video had that same feel as what Meatloaf 's videos were doing with Jim Steinman's songs at the time.
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