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  1. That will come in handy, thanks for posting that Lee! I did watch this earlier tonight, as per usual for the Audrain Automobile Museum and Donald Osborne, it was interesting and informative as well!
  2. I will post pics as soon as I can once they are in hand, I was getting a bit nervous as it has been a couple weeks now since I ordered them!
  3. Now if it had been Elon Musk, he probably would have done it in that for a laugh and a meme, Bezos now……I have no clue….
  4. Quick update, just got an email this morning that the Dunlop rolling stock is shipping! Tracking number for shipping doesn't register just yet, but hopefully it will by tomorrow!
  5. It’s the US Revell version of the Jaguar XK-E Coupe model. It’s a pretty nice kit and I kinda want to get the Roadster to go with it!
  6. I do like the AMT ‘68-‘71 B-Body floor and engine bay under these, not sure if Revell Chargers from the same model years will fit though.
  7. Been watching that one and the Foose roadster build too!
  8. No Problem, it probably dates back to the early days when cars still used a tiller to steer.
  9. Thanks, I need to fix the hood and I’m waiting on the rolling stock from the Ukrainian before I do much more to the body. I want to make sure that there won’t be any issues with tire clearance or mounting since there were no pics of the back.
  10. He’s talking about the steering wheel when he says “Tiller”😉👍
  11. That was part of it, but the blue FHC above is what really inspired it since I didn’t want to get that far into the body work to redo the roof too.
  12. Yeah, At least from that angle, I'm really digging that Vette!
  13. I did that too, the pics posted were taken after I did that with mine.
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