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  1. Was that the Rip Tide Vette at one time?
  2. I would still buy the Revell kit over a recreated MPC, especially if it has the chassis plate from the ‘68 Coronet kits instead of the Road Runner/GTX/‘70 Coronet kits.
  3. Picked this up today, just to see how much of it was like the older MPC based kits from the 90’s. Not crazy about how this fits compared to the Snap Fast or Glue kits of the 90’s, and some of the details seem soft compared to what I remember, but some of that is getting removed for this lowered hauler it’s going to be made into. Thinking of using the same Duplicolor Universal Black from my ZJ project since it’s about the same for the 80’s and 90’s GM Black as well as the 70’s through probably Current Mopar Black, I’m Single Stage or Clear Coat. Not sure if I want to use the chromed factory Dually wheels or the unfinished and paint them silver like they were then or black to match then silver on the caps, though.
  4. To me, this tooling just needs to be retired, there snap kit and the Revell ‘68-‘70 are better and a much more suitable option.
  5. Here it is mocked up, going to redo the bumpers, need to tint the back glass too since the real one was tinted too, instead of modding the wheels to look right, I’m going to hit these with some mat or semi-gloss clear over the chrome.
  6. Been slacking on this build all summer, ended up working on the body this week, it’s in color and clear as of right now, need to work on the seats though, will paint the flat back trim on the body too. Turns out that Rustolium has a primer grey 2 in 1 paint/primer is close to the right color for the grey plastic rocker trim and bumpers! It was just the same basic black that Chrysler has used the same paint code on for decades, really no different that the black clear coat paint on my 200 or on the ‘85 Lebaron GTS I had back then too.
  7. Is it just me, or is the box art car better proportioned than the real car?
  8. Ran by Walmart today and noticed that they have a “Black Friday” section already up.
  9. Did a little doodling lately after digging out some sketch pads from the 90’s. Here’s a few of the recent sketches This is a Blazer sized custom postwar Chevy panel turned SUV. This is a ‘49-‘50 Merc custom where I separated the lower character lines into faux fenders. This one may likely irritate people, but don’t really care. The thought behind this one was a C-Cab Panel Show Rod, but use a Tesla drive unit out back like a Jag or Vette IRS and wheels with clear faces. Probably could use a Volt or Pacifica Hybrid batteries, which have better power delivery than EV batteries. Then here’s a few of my oldies, mostly drawn while on break while working at Toy’s R Us in the late 90’s Wild, over the top restyling of a ‘58 Impala 4dr, cantilevered and hard top ‘32 Ford. Shoebox Ford Custom, also with a Cantilevered Hardtop! Finally, a Rod and Custom Dream Truck inspired Sedan Delivery! This one required research the old fashioned way, had to use books and magazines 😄
  10. Thanks guys, forwarded the link to my Sister first thing this morning!
  11. Does anybody have suggestions for this? My Brother in Law’s Mom forgot to put a porcelain Baby Jesus away before my Niece’s birthday party today and one of the kids in attendance got ahold of it and dropped it, breaking it’s head off. Sounds like it belonged to her Mother and we were looking for an adhesive to pit it back together with. And yes, she knows what happened and luckily it’s got clothing that would cover where it’s glued back together too.
  12. I’d love to see any of those, as well as a Tucker in styrene, to be honest!
  13. You did a great job of fixing the transition from the fenders to the front doors on this car, the one I bought had that and when I contacted them about it, hey replacement was just like it! Also forgot about the trunk fitment too!
  14. Was probably made at the same time mine was then, I bought this one at the Wilson’s at the Fox Valley Mall in early ‘96! I just used some store brand saddle soap from Farm and Fleet and soft cloths from Dollar Tree that I bought Saturday. I also got to thinking about this too, I was 19 years old when I bought it in 1996, just 6 months after I graduated from high school………this coat is now 9 years older than I was when I bought it!
  15. Dug out and cleaned up my leather coat that I probably haven’t worn in 15 years, hadn’t been able to wear it in 10 years if I wanted to and recently found it fits again too. Think if came back pretty good after a couple hours working saddle soap into it and it smells like leather again too!
  16. Saw that a a few hours ago, never knew he had an instrumental that was sampled by Dr. Dre until a few months ago too.
  17. Had a minor incident while out crawling with friends last night……… Then my friend thought he would be 😄 IMG_7137.mov
  18. I still think there needs to be the option of the opening solo then the VanHalen brothers from Hot for Teacher, even if it’s just for the up to 30/35mph regulation!
  19. More like big business, probably runs the credit card reader and tells the vending company what product they need to send the next time they’re out to refill the machine……with a side of selling the purchase info if a credit/debit card is used……but I used cash, sooooo……
  20. Went to the dealership today since my 200 needed an oil change and figured I would grab a snack from one of their new vending machines, saw what looked like an intake or exhaust valve that had been painted black and red on top of it and first thought somebody had done that as decoration……… then I got closer and realized it was an antenna for the WiFi connection on the machine🤦🏻😄
  21. Ran to McDonald’s for lunch and walked out to find nowhere near enough room to open my door and get in to leave. Luckily, Dad keeps a cane in my car so I used that to push the brake pedal down from the passenger seat and pop it into neutral then coasted the car backwards enough that I could open my door and not hit that van.
  22. If R/Cs can count, had to replace the middle of my Traxxas Stampede today, drilled a curb racing with friends Friday night and drilled a curb so hard that battery came unplugged from the impact! Here’s the damage….. amazingly, this wasn’t broken, which is good since I don’t have a spare like I did with the chassis! Finally, here it is put back together!
  23. Which also had Henry Rollins in the movie too!
  24. I’m thinking getting it back into temporary service until they get the materials assembled to repair it more “permanently” is the idea there.
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