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In Topic: 8 Corvettes go in only 4 or 5 will get restored.

Yesterday, 08:42 AM

Oh well, a loss is a loss and a few Corvettes is no big deal compared to other loses. Like when a fire or tornado wipes out a family's home and all of it's possession's. Now that's a LOSS. A couple of cars can be replaced, or just done without.


Except that most of the Corvettes involved were on loan to the museum from private individuals, so they suffered losses, three of them total losses.  Any loss of any type so long as it doesn't involve loss of life is just stuff that can be replaced.  That's what we all have insurance for...sentimental value? Some people are probably more sentimental about their car than their house.


The fortunate part of the entire event was that it happened in the wee hours of the morning when everyone was still in bed, and not during the day when there would have been a load of people touring the facility.

In Topic: What did you get today?

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

Something that caught my eye on eBay, and I guess since it was Palm Sunday, the first day of fishing season in many places, and the first genuinely nice day most of the East Coast has had in 6 months or so no one was around to bid on it...except me - stuck at work.  So snagged for the opening bid...1986 issuing, everything sealed up inside.


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In Topic: What did you get today?

16 April 2014 - 06:48 PM

More Lexota goodness from Hong Kong yesterday...


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Then went out tonight to a function at the wife's job, and since I'm Daddy Day Care Mon-Fri, and work myself on Sat & Sun, I took the opportunity out of the house and temporarily free of toddlers to swing through the LHS to replenish my Semi-Gloss Black, get some silver base for some Mica colors I have, and pick up the only thing Revell has done (or will do up through June) that I wanted to acquire.


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In Topic: ROG poll

16 April 2014 - 06:44 PM




Perhaps, James.  But it's more fruitless to not try. 


Doesn't hurt and they're not charging us to vote.


You just never know. 

Who'd a thunk a new F250/350 would come out of China?


Or a 1912 Model T would come out of the Ukraine (July Release on that one if anyone is interested - again presuming Ukraine isn't Putin'd by then), but both Meng and ICM are independents.  Revell AG, especially now, is all part of the same company - and I'm sure someone can correct me on this - but I don't remember them every doing a single U.S. origin kit that wasn't a reboxed Revell U.S. kit.  I voted on some American stuff too, in the hopes of the info getting passed back to the U.S., but I admit I spent more time going over the European stuff since IF this list is anything beyond a social media/marketing ploy I wanted to skew the balance to European things I wanted to build B)

In Topic: 1/25 Revell '13 Mustang Boss 302

16 April 2014 - 05:36 PM

Yeah Tim it was a March release so the Preferred Shops have had it for two weeks or so.