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In Topic: What Irked You Today?

Yesterday, 05:49 AM

Hit a large deer for the second time in as many years.  The last time it was a brand new car and State Farm paid to fix it, this time it's on a 9yr old, 146k mile truck that has liability only.  So it's defacto totaled, as it's gonna need repairs that cost probably 3x what the truck itself is worth.  In the mean time I have no vehicle to get to work with tomorrow, and my wife is treating me like I ran the deer over at 4am on the way home from work TODAY on purpose.


Oh did I mention I was borrowing this truck off my Mother-in-Law...


Oh and it's the intersection of property taxes, no savings from various stuff breaking around here, and needing to buy fuel oil for the winter...

In Topic: Curious; why are there so few tuner classes at a lot of model shows/contests?

18 October 2014 - 02:37 PM

I would like to interject that added a wing, some fake carbon fiber, and a fart can exhaust doesn't make a car a "tuner" any more than going shopping in the Edlebrock engine dress-up section of Summit Racing and tossing on a set of Keystone mags makes something a "Hot Rod/Muscle Car".

Also if you airdropped someone from another planet into the 1940s to look at the sea of.jellybean shaped cars (everything old is new again) they wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Same goes for the Fabulous Fins of the 50s. Regardless of what you think of current automotive styling, you're looking at things through a haze of nostalgia and memories at best if you really want to pretend that once the newest automotive styling trend hit in whatever decade of the past, that in a few short years EVERY car didn't immediately adopt it and everything started to look the same.

In Topic: Curious; why are there so few tuner classes at a lot of model shows/contests?

17 October 2014 - 02:29 PM

I think there's a bit of the classic Catch 22 involved as well. People who build "Tuners" don't show them because there's no place to put them. Show organizers think there's no reason for the category because no one enters those type of models.

There have been some instances recently where people who build these type of cars are entering them into the '69 to Present Street Machine class. Several times they've won which caused the fuddy duddies to howl that the car didn't belong in the class because it was Foreign. The vehicle is a customized late model vehicle set up in an SCCA weekend racer/daily driver style. What class DOES that go into then? It's not Factory/Replica Stock, it's not a full blown Circle Track...

In Topic: 2014 Nissan R35 GTR

07 October 2014 - 05:52 AM

This kit came out on September 30th. Aoshima being revolutionary and releasing a model in the same calender year of the 1:1 subject represents.

In Topic: Revell Germany new VW Golf (Rabbit for you guys)

05 October 2014 - 06:19 PM

Even the most detailed kit is worthless if the overall shape is not right.
Mitsuwa captured the lines particularly well, Fujimi not so well, and the ESCI was pure, unadulterated tosh.
Not sure which US-spec decals you expect aside from numberplates, but I'll be surprised if they threw in OMG5MPH bumpers, side marker lights and Sealed Beams.

It's being reboxed here as a Rabbit GTi. But of course it'll be the usual USA hack rebox meaning US Spec decals on a German Spec model kit. See '68 Beetle thread for expected whining of people who actually expect them to tool pieces to make it fully US Spec.

Of interest is that Tower Hobbies is showing the flat box Golf GTi AG kit as orderable for December along with the Cabriolet which marks an apparent reversal in Hobbico's "No Direct Import of Reboxed Kits" rule. Which seemed a bit disingenuous considering they reverse imported the Revell AG reboxed Snap-Tite Police Impala, '69 Charger & Viper ACR kits to us at the $35 Revell AG price tag.