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WIP 55 Chevy with issues

09 May 2011 - 12:33 PM

I have been working on this 55 Chevy to try and get it finished in time to give to my dad on Fathers day, I havent built any models in years and up until this point I have never used an airbrush. I was well on my way to getting the paint to the next round of wetsanding as well as clear etc. and when I pulled the masking tape off I ended up pulling a couple small spots of paint off with it.

I was using the blue 3M painters tape as I had good results using it on wood trim and also Pactra fastape for the finer lines. Im not sure if the 3M tape is that bad on a model car or I simply left it on too long (4 days) while the paint dried really good. I have a few questions that I need help with.

1. Will parafilm pull off paint from the edges like the 3M did? If so whats the absolute best masking tape?

2. Can I simply touch up the where the paint came off or will I have to airbrush it again? I dont want to airbrush it anymore as I would have to mask it off again and would probably come up with the same results.

3. Wheres the best/cheapest place to buy sandpaper in bulk in high grits like 6,000 and above? The highest grit I have found was 4,000 at Advance. I have the variety packs for hobbies that go up to 12,000 grit but they are pretty small and I seem to go through them pretty quick not to mention they are not too cheap. It seems to me that sandpaper is sandpaper as long as its the correct grit and made for wetsanding?

Thanks for any and all help guys, heres a link to the pics.


Finally done after 3 years, well almost!

25 April 2011 - 12:03 PM

After 3 long years of planning and budgeting Im pretty much finished with my hobby room/shop. I got the electric ran, insulated it, added a window, added a window A/C, moved extra fridge out there, added lighting, painted the floor, added a work bench and a smaller kraft table. The only thing I got left is to caulk all the seams outside and re-stain outside, other than that Im finally done.

I also have been buying things for modeling pretty heavy that last few months since the wife has been on-board with it. I have bought 2 airbrushes, compressor, paint stand, cut-proof mat, helping hands with mag. glass, some storage bins along with lots of regular modeling supplies. Im happy with how everything has turned out and Im glad I finally have a dedicated place to do my models. Before I couldnt get much of anything done before having to pack it all back up to keep the wife happy.

I have a 55 Chevy Im working on right now for my dad along with a 69 Camaro for myself and Im planning out the 70 Superbee I posted about a while back also for my dad. I guess I just covered several threads in one and basically a 3 month update on where Im at. I know I havent posted anything as far as a WIP but up until this point I havent had anything at all worth posting. Heres the pics, comments welcome.


Campbell Hausfeld compressor on sale at TSC

18 April 2011 - 11:12 AM

Just in case some of you guys are looking for a good deal on a air compressor for airbrushing etc., Tractor Supply Co. has a 2 gallon twin stack compressor on sale from April 20-25 for $59.99. The ad says thats $20 off, if I didnt already have one I would probably pick one of these up for that price, heck if I wasnt trying to finish up my storage building/hobby room I would buy one anyway.

Lots of rod run and Ford final pics!

06 March 2011 - 05:44 AM

I finally got some of my pictures straightened out and uploaded onto Photobucket, the pictures are from a couple of NHRA rod reunions and a Ford final all taken at Beech Bend in Bowling Green KY. I still have 2 more huge albums I need to upload from my desktop but until then enjoy!


House of Kolor paint worth it for airbrush,ETC?

17 February 2011 - 12:55 PM

I just ordered a airbrush and compressor and was wondering if the HOK paint is worth the price? I know the colors look great on thier website but are they really that unique. Ive also looked at the Createx line including the wicked colors as well as the Vellejo paint line, which Ive read good things about both. Ive also thought about the acrylic craft paints at Walmart that are really cheap and quite a few colors but are they any count on a plastic model car?

Lastly besides a booth, respirator, and paints what else do I need to go along with the airbrush, like what do I need to generally clean the airbrush after each use that wont harm it, etc. Im hoping to have the electric run to my shop within the next week so I can really sink my teeth into building some cars and would like to get anything else I need bought before then, I dont want to get in the middle of a build and realize I need this or that. Of course Im not rich and dont have a lot to spend on models so on the cheap is the best solution for me. Thanks for all the help as usual guys!