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  1. Tamiya Supra race version with street version engine bay and passenger cabin, and Ferrari Modena rear end sectioned and grafted on.
  2. Well, hopefully you won the dare. You sure captured the salt racer look. Have you named it yet? If not, then I suggest Blue Moon
  3. Nice 43'rds, Mark! Great photography as well. Your work stands up to digital photography, the Great Equalizer.
  4. st....st.....st.....stunning. Takes my breath away.
  5. I thought the doors on the original General were welded shut............
  6. Nice, clean build. I like the subtle coloring on the exhausts. It's not too late to add the roof antennae.
  7. That's the best ever Hornet I've seen. Your friend better give you a big kiss on the lips for that one. Bravo!
  8. I've seen the real one when I lived in SoCal. I thought I was looking at the real thing ..........until I saw the plug wires. The diameter could easily be a third of what they are. They look more like pipes than wires. With a smaller diameter wire it will be easier for you to get them to sag as they would on a 1:1. Gravity would keep them from hovering over the valve covers.
  9. Thank you! Look for a PM about the decals
  10. This ā€™79 Trans Am was for a client that contacted my local IPMS chapter looking for a builder. Younger brother gave it to older brother for his 50th birthday. It was his first new car in ā€™79. The model will be displayed in a clear case with a picture of older brother sitting on the nose of the car along with the original license plate and ignition key. Client had already obtained an intact MPC 10th Anniversary edition Trans Am when we met. Iā€™d never built an MPC kit before and ever again will be too soon. There are few or no locating points for joining parts. The nose was offset to o
  11. Bob, you exhibit a level of determination that is beyond comprehension. I would have stopped before you started.
  12. Bumping this to the top. Worth another view.
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