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In Topic: 65 impala wagon.

Today, 07:54 AM

Nice progress.  Love the flower box in the back yard.

In Topic: 1948 Buick that will surprise you... (video)

Today, 07:12 AM

All is OK by me.  Not trying to be a buzz-kill but the steering wheel not being centered does really bug me.  Mention this to the builders and here come the excuses.  Either something isn't right or lack of attention-to-detail is the only excuse that makes sense.  Said builders will use neither.

In Topic: AMT's "forgotten" 'Snap' Kits made from old Promo Tools

Yesterday, 11:05 AM

What up buttacup?  Bad trip

In Topic: My '29 Jalopy Ford.

Yesterday, 07:53 AM

Top Notch !!!

In Topic: Gmc

26 November 2014 - 06:16 AM

Looks good.  Them Chebbys are becoming endangered.  Poor body quality when they were new.  Now 30-40 years later yours represents they ain't gettin' any better