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  1. aagdoug added a post in a topic 70 Ford Mustang   

    Looks great and your foil work is better than mine with both hands
  2. aagdoug added a post in a topic `66 GTO - A quick build   

    Great build, I do quick builds also, sometimes you just need that break from the big projects
  3. aagdoug added a post in a topic Scenes Unlimited   

    I just found his website the other day because of this forum and I can't wait to put in my first order...I want some of the items yesterday!!! This forum talking about his quality definitely helped me make my decision to use him.
  4. aagdoug added a post in a topic 1960 Impala Custom and his Hemi Hydro   

    Great work on the boat, I have the same one just sitting and waiting for me to bundle it with something. Keep posting your work, it inspires us to finish or start ours...lol