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  1. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Painting and paint fumes question   

    thanks for the tips! I am definitely not using the silver metallic coats anymore lol.  Oh and yea the smell is not too bad but I don't want to be inhaling any vapors that are harmful to the respiratory and nervous system.  I can feel the  buzz from being around those vapors. Maybe I need more ventilation, I have a respirator that works really well but that smell goes thru the entire house. I don't have a basement yet. Maybe I should wait until I have a basement to paint lol
  2. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Painting and paint fumes question   

    Hey thanks a lot for your responses, I kinda figured the silver coat was useless. I'm going to use a regular white or grey primer from now on, then shoot the metallic paint. i think I'm Going to give acrylics a try.  
  3. ERIK88 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Painting and paint fumes question
    ok so My question to you guys is why do some people use a primer and metallic or silver coat before shooting a metallic color? Wouldn't it be best to just get a smooth primer finish of maybe white and then your metallic color?. The reason I ask is because I experimented with this procedure and use a metallic silver over primer, however the surface did not come out as smooth as primer. Metallic silver cannot be sanded like regular paints,  so I sprayed a duplicolor metallic blue over it, I could see the rough texture as I imagined it would be since the paint is not going over smooth sand able primer. My question is can I just do a white primer, and then a metallic? .
    question number two is , I'm really trying to find a different alternative than using these really strong toxic lacquers of spraybombs . The smell doesn't go away from the house as fast, what's the difference between using these and using createx or regular acrylic colors that I could shoot thru my spray Gun? I know the gloss spray cans , enamels, or lacquers give is irrelevant since the shine goes away when you wet sand the orange peel that often develops from painting final coats. I usually wet sand with fine grit , and clearcoat , Polish. That's mainly where I bring the shine on the body. What do you guys think about createx paints or acrylic paints? Have many of you guys replaced lacquers , enamels to use acrylics? If so can some please send pictures of the end results. It just makes a lot of sense to not use toxic paints when not necessary. Lol 
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  4. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Are model kits making a comeback? What gives?   

    I can almost guarantee it someone else could probably say the same for your statement of remaining active vs not. Some other individual would express another variable that is most important to him/ her. Human behavior , it never fails to amaze me . One question for you is, so are you stating people were not eating more than they need in the 60s 70s? If so , why not? It would be interesting to see if it was because of less automation maybe in the manual labor fields ? Maybe more factory, general labor, semi skilled and skilled trades which requires a person to stay active as opposed to this digital age/ service industry we are currently in now which requires hardly any manual labor ? Where more people working out outside of work in the 60s 70s? If so, is there concrete data that proves this? 
  5. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Scale Modeling and Youth?   

    yes! From now on you shall provide in text citations and a reference page  lol
  6. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Are model kits making a comeback? What gives?   

    Hey video games are to blame since I think a lot of times theh make a older muscle car appear as this heavy duty all metal BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH near uncontrollable piece of machinery in actual course tracks . Muscle cars are not suited for track racing, mainly for drag racing and possibly oval racing. Try going in circles for 20 laps in a video game and see if that doesn't get boring quick, or going in a straight line in a video game . Modern cars typically handle better in a video game , Which leaves me to believe muscle cars weren't exactly the easiest to handle back in the 60s 70s . Nonetheless , I still like a muscle cars or hot rod any day before a modern car I can see everyday by simply going outside . 
  7. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 1/20 eidei bertone Panther for trade   

    Kit traded
  8. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 1/20 eidei bertone Panther for trade   

    There is a pending trade on this one 
  9. ERIK88 added a post in a topic AMT narrow whitewalls for wide whitewalls   

    It's really easy to make your own wide wall tires , all you need is a circle template , masking tape, the tire, and flat white spraypaint . Spray really thin coats, if there are runs , brush off with thinner or mineral spirits !
  10. ERIK88 added a topic in Trading Post   

    1/20 eidei bertone Panther for trade
    I have this kit for trade for any revell Amt muscle . Given the rarity of this kit I was thinking of doing a 2 for 1 trade. Everything is complete 

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  11. ERIK88 added a post in a topic W   

    I'd like to buy a vowel please 
  12. ERIK88 added a topic in Trading Post   

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  13. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Scale Modeling and Youth?   

    I think the focus is more on adults, and your occasional kid who is probably introduced to the hobby from a close family member who is already an avid builder. I think they would probably fit The casual weekend builder who wants to have a quick fast snap kit to build alongside grandpa . There are enough baby boomers and grandsons / daughters to capitalize from! Lol