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  1. ERIK88 added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/35 scale Tamiya m41 tank U.S. wheel tracks
    hello, I figured this might be a long shot given this is a model cars forum. However, I recently purchased a tamiya m41 tank that is missing the wheel tracks . I'm not sure if they are rubber like. If anyone would like to trade , please let me know , I would greatly appreciate it.
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  2. ERIK88 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Mustang lx foxbody resin molds wanted
    Hi I would like to purchase or trade for a few corrected resin mustang lx body's. I am a huge mustang foxbody fan, and would love to have corrected versions of this kit.
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  3. ERIK88 added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts guys. I really appreciate, and respect the detail work some of you guys do on here. Every time I look at a extremely detailed build I think of all the frustration, research, and patience it took to get a model too look that way. Maybe it isn't something that is a hair pulling , nail biting, table thumping, eyeball popping task for those that do advanced detailing. As I mentioned earlier, I think I'm just going to keep building at a enjoyable level, and not make it a job or chore.  The engine posted on here looks awesome! Wow!!! 
  4. ERIK88 added a topic in General   

    How many people fully detail a model?
    I was wondering how often model kits get super detailed by a builder. I quite often find that many people on this forum are ocd with their build subjects. It only makes sense that model builders would be obsessed over achieving near perfection, however I find that what is most important to me is a nice clean build free of mold lines, or flash, clean glue and paint. At most  I will wire an engine, and carpet the interior. In my opinion detailing beyond that will probably make this hobby not as enjoyable, and will drive me crazy referencing pictures , manuals, etc. 
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  5. ERIK88 added a post in a topic To the KOOL KATS at Round2   

    Ya man like it's totally cool that the kool Kat dudes and the gang have been making radical  cars from back in time. Like we're back to the future style business model from the round 2 kits dude, don't lose that reflux capacitor dudes!!!
  6. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 1967 Chevy Impala 427 - only 2015 completion.   

    I really like the paint on this one. I have about 5 of these, I have to say this is my favorite year of Impala, it's got some nice smooth lines . I like the 70s  old school lowrider look it's got going on. 
  7. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Whats your work area like?   

    This is my current work area, I paint in another room however. My kits are stashed in the attic, there's  way more kits behind those. These are my most recent acquisitions.

  8. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 70 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 454-Any One Got Info on It   

    Its funny how highly priced were just before the recent reissue, I have 4 of the lowrider versions
  9. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 69 Camaro   

    I like the stock look on this one . Great build !
  10. ERIK88 added a post in a topic My 1/25 1989 BATMOBILE build.   

    nice build, I actually have this one (early 2000s reissue) It has been stripped of all of its useless chrome, you have given me inspiration to start mine!. There is so much i would love to do to it like lighting , I just dont have the skills yet.
  11. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 1970 TAG TEAM Chevelle   

    wow that is an amazing build, I love how this chevelle looks.
  12. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 90 LX   

    good job on the mustang, your daughter seems to genuinely be enjoying herself . My daughter has taken an interest in this hobby as well, we built the newer version of the revell snap 2000 vw beetle. It is a much better kit than the one I bought as a teen in the 2000s lol.
  13. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Lindberg '71 Mustang   

    wow you have a pretty nice build. This is one of those kits ive always deferred from buying because of the ugly box art. You've proven it can be built to look nice
  14. ERIK88 added a post in a topic 1969 Camaro ZL1   

    I really like the subtle look on this camaro, nice sleeper.