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  1. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Is it me or is it my builds?   

    Oh and please do not use cursive font style on your threads like many do on here! It's to hard to read. I tend too just glance at the pictures when this happens, and go to the next thread lol. Can I also say something else for those guys that claim they only build for themselves? I don't think that's completely true, if you only built for yourself you probably wouldn't be on this website, but I do understand it's the masculine thing to say. I do not think builders that claim they only build for themselves would bother posting pictures of their models on here if that was the case. If I were to take a guess I would say forum members do value others opinions to a certain extent. people post their works on here seeking to get some type of confirmation of their good work. There is nothing wrong with positive reinforcement, we desire it all the time. We seek positive reinforcement t in our careers, children, wife/ significant other, hobbies sports etc. if you've ever won a trophy, got a raise, got lucky on that date in which you've a
    had your A game, or were told how good you were making a certain dish, well , you just experienced positive reinforcement. And its a beautiful feeling my friend .. ...... 🎉🎊🏆🏁🏇🏻🚀
  2. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Is it me or is it my builds?   

    I would not worry about it my friend, I think it's safe to say it happens to all of us every now and then. However, Just to give you some pointers that  I think would be a mutual benefit for both the builder, and the viewer would be to make sure you have decent pictures. Please have good steady quality pictures, multiple angles, and somewhat decent grammar. I cannot stress how many times I've attempted to read a sentence from a forum member, which hardly makes any sense. To be honest, this happens 80% of the time I attempt to read what a person is wanting to get across In a  model kit they've built. I'm not sure if it's laziness, or not enough of a proper education. I am not saying I'm perfect either, I'm sure an English professor can spot many mistakes within this paragraph ! Nonetheless, what you are experiencing happens thru cycles as the other guy mentioned earlier,especially if your building a run of the mill kit. Don't be so hard on yourself, and do not let anyone's opinion or lack of thereof affect your enjoyment of the hobby. I am fortunate enough to have my daughter use positive reinforcement on me whenever I complete a car lol. I know my builds are possibly a 7  out of 10, but as long as I'm happy with the paint job,  or detail work , I'm good with that :). I have decided a long time ago not to lose my mind in this hobby, otherwise it would become a chore.
  3. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Kits up for trade   

    hey good to see you back here, I will definitely take a look at what I have! You sure do always have some goodies haha 
  4. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Kits up for trade   

    Kits have been traded
  5. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Amt 1964 impala lowrider   

    thanks guys, and I hope everything is well by you Ken! I hope to see more of your builds on here. 
  6. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Amt 1964 impala lowrider   

    Thanks a lot for the kind compliments guys, I'm glad many liked it.  I'm really digging the yellow on the impala as well, I keep glancing every now and then in its display case. 
  7. ERIK88 added a topic in Trading Post   

    Kits up for trade
    Here are some kits up for trade, I am interested in  60s, 70s, 80s muscle , sedan or exotic

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  8. ERIK88 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Amt 1964 impala lowrider
    Well here is my rendition of a 64 impala lowrider by Amt. it is a simple kit from decades back, but looks much more realistic to me than the revells 64 Impala. I've only added engine wiring, and Pegasus lowrider rims. The paint is by createx, I will wax the body a little more to get more gloss out of the paint. As all of my builds, I like to build clean paint jobs. If I owned a lowrider it would have a clean custom paint job without any crazy designs or murals ( no disrespect for those who like that sort of stuff). Let me know what you guys think, and yes I didn't paint the impala emblems or bmf as I am not that advanced yet .

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  9. ERIK88 added a post in a topic Revell ford escort XR-3 for trade   

  10. ERIK88 added a topic in Trading Post   

    Revell ford escort XR-3 for trade
    here is a complete model kit by revell of the ford escort X R -3 . I would like to trade for a
    MPC mustang get wild breed, snake bite, pace car or anniversary car. 
    Amt 59 el camino 
    tamiya nissan skyline gtr 
    tamiya Nissan 300zx
    tamiya Toyota supra 
    tamiya f40 Ferrari
     monogram 1984 mustang convertible or 79 pace car
    amt Chrysler 300c custom

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  11. ERIK88 added a topic in Wanted!   

    1/35 scale Tamiya m41 tank U.S. wheel tracks
    hello, I figured this might be a long shot given this is a model cars forum. However, I recently purchased a tamiya m41 tank that is missing the wheel tracks . I'm not sure if they are rubber like. If anyone would like to trade , please let me know , I would greatly appreciate it.
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  12. ERIK88 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Mustang lx foxbody resin molds wanted
    Hi I would like to purchase or trade for a few corrected resin mustang lx body's. I am a huge mustang foxbody fan, and would love to have corrected versions of this kit.
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  13. ERIK88 added a post in a topic How many people fully detail a model?   

    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts guys. I really appreciate, and respect the detail work some of you guys do on here. Every time I look at a extremely detailed build I think of all the frustration, research, and patience it took to get a model too look that way. Maybe it isn't something that is a hair pulling , nail biting, table thumping, eyeball popping task for those that do advanced detailing. As I mentioned earlier, I think I'm just going to keep building at a enjoyable level, and not make it a job or chore.  The engine posted on here looks awesome! Wow!!! 
  14. ERIK88 added a topic in General   

    How many people fully detail a model?
    I was wondering how often model kits get super detailed by a builder. I quite often find that many people on this forum are ocd with their build subjects. It only makes sense that model builders would be obsessed over achieving near perfection, however I find that what is most important to me is a nice clean build free of mold lines, or flash, clean glue and paint. At most  I will wire an engine, and carpet the interior. In my opinion detailing beyond that will probably make this hobby not as enjoyable, and will drive me crazy referencing pictures , manuals, etc. 
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