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  1. The truck is at about 95% complete. Still have to get a trailer and do it but I did not do an exact representation of the truck but to the best of my abilities.
  2. Thanks, I got the gun painted and the frame for the plow now, I have to work on the actual plow and ading guns and more paint, but wheater is not the best and school started back
  3. I was watching death race a while back and decided that I want to build the truck and trailer model so here is what I have so far. I am not the greatest model builder but I am learning. If anyone has any imput let me know, constructive criticism is welcome.
  4. Well I got my frame done and painted in the colors that I wanted, the final kit comes in tomorrow so I will be painting and wrapping it all up this week. When I opened the USA1 truck that I bought I noticed that it came with extra parts from a different kit ( I'm not complaining). So I will be adding a pushbar and kc lights to the truck for a added stance. All that I need now are beach patrol and rescue decals.
  5. thanks, its under progress i am ordering the snaptite dodge 2500 tonight to finish it off the parts needed then itll be assembly time, i wish one of the companies made this in plastic instead of having to buy a resin kit, i think it would be cheaper if it was more available
  6. I was looking around and hadn't seen something like this really so I wanted to create it, Im making a beach patrol/beach fire rescue truck, dodge ram power wagon body with the usa1 monster truck as the frame, i still need the snapfast dodge 2500 to finish it off but it is a work in progress. any ideas to add would be appreciated
  7. if you happen to see it somewhere let me know asap ill keep a eye out for it too
  8. i can make it long bed no problem, and i can make it 4wd no problem, the issue i have is combining the 2 cabs to make a nice ext cab, is anyone capable of doing this for me?
  9. I have seen online that accu-pro had made an extended cab 1994-1998 dodge ram truck cab I'm looking to recreate my personal truck and I need to make it a ext cab long bed, does anyone know where or if anyone makes them. I seen that someone built it by putting two cabs together but I don't have the skills to fabricate that. Can anyone help me out?
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