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  1. 34 Rolls Royce Rat Rod - Italeri - 1/24

    Is this Alclad or something else?
  2. 1959 Chevy Impala----Just a tease! 4/9/16

    The engine bay is incredible. With the "blacken-it", have you ever found it to "greenen" metal? Perhaps it was a knock-off product but my dad was making a boat with metal cannons and used this stuff on it and it ended up giving them a greenish tinge.
  3. 1970 Hemi Cuda Replica Build

    Great work so far. I, along with every other commenter to date, will be looking forward to seeing this one take shape. I was wondering ....... ...... when this is sitting in the parking lot, why is all the attention on the station wagon in the back?!?!?!?
  4. M.A.S.K.

    One of the coolest threads in the forum.
  5. Black and Gold

    awesome job on the wheels. The paintwork is also spectacular, great masking. I can picture the wrestler Goldust drifting in this.
  6. Another Super 7

    Privileged to be watching a true artist. Incredible detail and great execution.
  7. Ratmad ( Almost done)

    Mockup looks great! Following this one. The Canadian government recently started phasing out the penny. Now I have something to do with mine!
  8. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Modena

    Thanks for the paint booth info. Sounds easy enough to craft. I may try this out!
  9. 34 Rolls Royce Rat Rod - Italeri - 1/24

    great job! can't believe you're doing the license plates LOL. *following*
  10. Tamiya Ferrari 360 Modena

    Looks great. The red is turning out awesome, but I'm also a big fan of yellow cars, especially Ferraris. Too bad! You mentioned your paint booth. Can you show a picture of it? What booth are you using, or did you custom rig something? I live/model in a basement apartment with minimal ventilation so I've been looking at a better option than standing in the stairwell with the door propped open ....
  11. 1958 Chevrolet Impala.

    Power brakes were an optional feature on the '58 Impala. http://www.oldride.com/library/1958_chevrolet_impala.html
  12. 1959 Chevy Impala----Just a tease! 4/9/16

    I cut the 1st door off my 1st ever model tonight ('70 Plymouth Roadrunner). I had no idea how to re-attach it and make it open. After reading this entire thread I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into ...... However, I'm also energized by the beauty of what you've got here. Thanks for the detailed pictures/videos along the way. They will help me with my progress as I work my way through my first ever hinged build.
  13. 2011 shelby GT500 "time attack" finished! 7.16.13

    Thanks Jason; I was more asking what materials were involved here. Is everything we're looking at straight paint? Or have you added something else (wiring etc)
  14. willys & chevy truck

    Do you know the exact colour that's on the Willy's? And how is it applied? I'm assuming nail polish in the air brush but better to ask. I have a Corvette (the 91 Callaway kit) I'm stalled on whilst I figure out what paint to do. Thinking this effect would be perfect.
  15. 2011 shelby GT500 "time attack" finished! 7.16.13

    Chassis is incredible as well as the wiring in the engine. Is all of the chassis painted or is there more going on? (wires, decals, etc) I'm always trying to figure out how to make the undercarriage look less boring. You nailed it.
  16. 1932 Ford 5-Window

    Nothing like shopping in the expensive aisle of the hobby store ....... Thanks for the reply! Who knew!?
  17. 1932 Ford 5-Window

    When you painted the body, what is the flecks you have on it to create the rust effect? That looks really cool.
  18. 2015 Chevelle Concept now Under Glass

    Possibly the BEST undercarriage I've ever seen. Incredible! The engine is awesome, the chassis is awesome, the interior is awesome, the body is awesome. Can't you screw something up so the rest of us feel human?
  19. I'm not a big fan of race cars, mostly because I can't stand roll cages or decals. I have just started getting back into modelling though, and since I don't have a TON of money to dump into the hobby, I picked up 2 modified dirt-track kits from DTR at 2-for-1 last week: the Modified Vega, and the Gremlin. I do have some other projects on the go, but this looked too cool to just let sit, so I had to crack into it. While I'm inspired by these forums to get into some of my own kit-bashing and scratchbuilding, I usually do all my models box-stock. In fact, if all goes well and I don't chicken out, this will be my first time ever trying to add sparkplug wires. Onto the kit. This is what the kit looks like out of the box. The biggest thing I noticed right away was (1) the body is in pieces (not a fan) and (2) the tires are also in two separate halves and they're hard plastic, not rubber. I'll probably use them still since this is a build to kill some time and add variety to my shelf, but if you're going for realism, probably have to look elsewhere. The other thing about this kit, these writings/markings are all over the place. Nothing a bit of sandpaper or the hobby knife didn't fix. Here's the tub which, as you can see, has rivet markings around the edges, but also these circle marks (forget the technical term for them) everywhere. They're not just prominent here, but in countless parts around this build, especially the bigger body pieces. A real pain to sand out, especially on this piece since they're so close to the rivets. I think I lowered some of the rivets, but they're all still there. (This picture was taken halfway through sanding. The left side's circles are gone, but they're still in the tub and on the right) The other issue I have with this kit is flash. Every piece has massive amounts of flash everywhere. This is not the worst sprue for it, and I've actually cleaned some of the shock support (bottom right) before taking this picture. So, if you enjoy cleaning flash, this is the kit for you! Be sure to lay a drop cloth or something before starting. Ok, enough complaints, let's look at the actual build.
  20. "Frankie Schneider" Modified Gremlin WIP

    The lack of updates here has been a result of mostly work, but also three main modelling issues: (1) I had no red or white spray paint - the two main colours in Frankie Schnieder's gremlin (2) The weather was cold and dismal in Toronto. We had a decent winter but not for painting. (3) I'm a wuss when it comes to painting projects. If I'm going to mess up somewhere, it's usually here. EDIT: I've picked up some tips here which have helped my results and confidence. So, thanks everyone! Most notably using some Clear Coat paint around my masking tape to prevent paint bleed. This is the first time I've done a big paint job with NO paint bleed. Well, after getting some white spray a while ago, and finding Krylon on sale for $3/can at WalMart along with some incredible weather in Toronto I had no more excuses. Bring on the paint *fingers crossed* (sorry, I can't remember how to decrease the size of pictures ..... the clicky thing in the corner didn't show up .....) Here's the body masked up. It's also primed because I was told Krylon doesn't do well on plastic models. What I wasn't told was that Tamiya's White spray doesn't do well on primer (or at least my can didn't). I had to switch to Wimbledon White which isn't technically "right" but it's all I had and I just wanted to get this thing finished. I forgot to take a picture of the white finished, red masked off but I imagine you all know how that goes. There are a few flaws (dust under the paint, a spot I missed). I'm actually ok with this for now. I wasn't looking for a perfect build here, just something to work on while I took some time off other things. Once the decals are on anyway the minor things will disappear. I'm going to need to do something about the rear end. I am considering using a brush to fill in the gas cap with red (I know, bad idea). I don't see the point in masking/respraying the entire lower half for a minor spot. I'm also thinking of doing something else with the gas cap/lights(?). Not sure exactly what yet. I'm trying to find some pictures of the actual car but so far nothing showing the rear end. Getting close with this one. To Do List: - interior (paint/install) - decals - final assembly
  21. '50 Olds - Root Beer Float

    I'm thirsty now. Incredible.
  22. '50 Olds - Root Beer Float

    a shame about the paint job. Can't wait to see the two of them together. This is a great teaser.
  23. 48' Gunk Patrol " Cranky Tribute"

    Looks good Blaze. Is that a flying pig in the background?
  24. 1930/1 Model A Sedan delivery - completed

    Every time I see someone's modifications to box stock here I become less and less of a purist Looks great so far.
  25. Woodn't - NNL Here I Come!

    Same here. And for the same reasons. Paintjob looks great though (as mine always do after much nail-biting and not much building ....). Whole thing is coming together. Can't wait to see the finished product. Getting there!