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  1. Thats awesome me and the gfs daughter is gonna build the concept camaro togather shes four and always wants to help me build mine so i asked her if i got her a kit if sh would build it she said yes. So i gave her a choice between the camaro and the mustang conv. And she picked the camaro whoot whoot no ford building its gonna be stock. Execpt were gonna paint it her fav color purple
  2. Like theres a quite a few of the truck pulli. Kits as well as alot of johann
  3. Tru but i have got quite a few older scarce kits at resonable prices
  4. Has anyone else noticed that there are alot of older out of production kits getting listed on ebay lately. Like alot of the older revells atms and johann kits plus mpc
  5. Im in my mid 20's and i listen to rap and rock cant stand country some of the bands i listen too are queen whitesnake def leppard eagles eninem 50 cent gucci mane deep purple foreigner and others
  6. Another few. Are the beetles, elvis ozzy fat joe ja rule jay z biggie smalls
  7. summer of 1979, out of high school for a while and had a good job, a friend and i went to a very large swap meet (before the internet took over, this was the only way to sell things). got there early and went looking for a muscle car. i had graduation money and just sold a 68 road runner so i had cash. looked all day and nothing really caught my eye until we were getting ready to leave. we saw a black (actually fathom green but i am color blind) 69 camaro with cragars on a trailor. thats cool!! lets go check it out. (i wasn't fully aware of the mopar phenominon at that point of my life). very clean car, 4-speed, buckets, big block.....BIG BLOCK? i saw no 396 emblems on the outside of the car.... i askes the guy what size motor, he stated 427.... "dont you mean 396?" i said back to him. "nope, a 427" he said. "did it come out of a vette or something? "nope, bought it this way"........ yea right? we laughed.. i was a 19 year old know-it-all about cars and the factory DID NOT put 427's in camaros. I KNOW!!! I"M 19!!! "its a special order car. a COPO"....... we laughed again. "a what?" said laughing again. "a COPO camaro, i ordered it to race and i am not racing anymore and want to sell it. $5000 or give me an offer." we walked away laughing, only to realise about a year later that they actually made a 427 COPO camaro in 1969..... who's laughing now....... certainly NOT ME!!! Yea id be kicking myself in the rear end for that a long time for not buying it
  8. I won a caddy promo johann just to see wats so special about them
  9. 1986 monte ss with a built 383 My 1969 chevy c10 3 on tree 327 And the truck i rolled end over end 4x 1983 chevy scottsdale perfect body built smallblock
  10. Whats so special about jo-hann models that people think there worth a lot o money anywhere u look to buy used models or trade. My dad said even when he was a kid they were scrace not mass prosuced like revell or amt. my opinion is if they where so great they would still be in business today. But what i wanna know is why do people think there worth so much?
  11. Its a nice car to build my was the issue from the early 90s i guess not the newer reissue the only thing i hated was building the firewall and the inner fenders after the second attempt o get em perfect i came up with a way to get them perfect
  12. Heres a update on build still gotta wet sand body (first i gotta order some super duper sandpaper) i havent decided wether to leave the grill painted the same color as body or chrome it i like how it blends in with the car
  13. Id like to see a reissue of the 454 ss 76 chevy wagon A better more detailed 68-72 chevy truck More chevy muscle cars A 79 caprice 2 door
  14. This part is for harry as a editor of a model car mag you should care because without new modlers now or in the future the business u work for can go bankrupt and close down before your gone. Now im not saying shove the hobby down kids throat bit show it to them and let them decide of they want to my kid and my gfs kid loves watchin me build models my daughter who is almost three loves 1:1 muscle cars when she sees one her eyes are glued on it till she cant see it nomore . My gfs daughter has expressed interst in building a model so me and her this summer is gonna build and paint a snaptight putty tang. So even if. She builds one now and not another one for ten years she will been exposed to the hobby and you never now get into and stay with it and me and her will always have the time and memorys of building that car togather and thats in its self would be worth it even if she just built the one. Now for the second part if no new modlers get into the hobby and after the older builders pass on. And the model companys dont adapt to the newer market and offer newer cars and trucks then they go out of busniess. For us who have stashes theyll last for a while but then wat after you ve built them all and there are nomore kits on any websites for sale the hobby would die out just like cbs and other hobbies so yea as younger builder i think it is important to expose our kids and youths to the hobby and for the modeling companys to adapt and release new and older cars regularly.
  15. Got these off ebay nib for less then 35 for all of them shipped
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