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  1. After the nearly year long build on the W900 gold nugget, moving, and all that, I have been able to scarf another 1/16 w900 kit and probably have about another year in hotel rooms to start whittling up something unless the good Lord has other plans. Anyway, it has been a long time goal to try and make a create a well used 1/16 GMC General daycab set up as a Michigan Train using the W900 as a start point. No offense or sacrilege intended to the KW worshippers. Yeah, lots of scratch building and heavy kitbashing. The biggest challenge I see at the onset is windshield glass and cab shape around the windshields. I am big into "repurposing" junk, don't have much in terms of tools, and on a shoestring budget so some outside the box thinking is required. Example,I am looking into thin clear plastic food containers and packaging keeping an eye out for reasonably correct material to use for the curved windshields versus the KW flat glass. If anyone has some good ballpark measurements on a General windshield and cab and any other suggestions, I surely would appreciate. Please PM me as I do check periodically. Peace. Jesse.
  2. While everything is just resting in place or taped in, its enough to provide an overall view. Lots still to do but its getting there. Grille was redone (about the 10th time) and finally satisfied with it. It will remain stationary with the radiator when the hood tilts. I knew that drop frame from the KW was going to bite me and did all I could to raise the bumper and have it and the grille sized right. The grill is still too tall and bumper too low but attacking that was beyond my pay grade. Ah, the cost of compromise! Tanks look way too big without the steps (and are) but are just hanging on by the straps over the frame rails. The search goes on for lug nut covers one size smaller. Peace
  3. MB Actros MP2, MP3 Lowliner

    I mean this only in the most positive way...when people pull off works like this it frightens me! Absolutely amazing!
  4. Ford LNT 9000

    Really like this, Brian. Maybe I missed it but did you scratch build the fuel tanks? Those (along with the spokes) really set this thing off nicely. And talk about trying to put a lion in a litter box! If you didn't have pix and specs of the real thing I'd say there was no way. I pity the poor slob stuck with doing an in-frame overhaul on it. While I'm quite sure Carolina Freight never spent money for a 3406, (much less padded door panels or much of anything else) with that air deflector, it sure does remind me of them. Just put a "half" bumper on it and away we go. Really nice job. BTW - here is a really nice creation rig like I speak of in 1:87 scale http://www.1-87vehicles.org/photo532/ford_lnt9000_carolina.php .
  5. SS Poopdeck

    Thought I would share a few pix of my first boat kit. From a Lindbergh kit. Normally I do weathered big rigs and a buddy challenged me to give it a whirl as he dreams of having an old shrimp boat which he said would be named the SS Poopdeck. So.....the challenge was accepted. For those ship builder experts out there that fight with rigging, my respect for you has been (further) kicked up. Peace
  6. SS Poopdeck

    Finally finished... (less rigging)..sorry about the blur.
  7. Back from the dead. Sleeper had to get a whole "redo". What's the saying "measure twice/cut once?" Well, I was way off. Anyway, here is the new one. I still botched it as it is about 1/4 inch too tall but it will do. Looks better and doors came out a lot cleaner. In keeping with penny budget, the interior is the epitome of sleep cheap. The mattress is the dense foam used to stuff flowers into a vase. It makes a nice texture and is easy to shape. Upholstery otherwise is painted sandpaper, painted duct tape and painted used plastic plates. Prime, then black, then red (thin). I apply awash with highly diluted black watercolor. It gives it a nice "sheen" but not too much, pulls out some detail, and has that "oxblood leather" type appearance common in the day. Detail doesn't show good in pix but it is all ribbed and actually not bad. The pillow is one of those tiny bags of absorbent found inside aspirin bottles. The front wall of the sleeper interior is still to do, trim on luggage door to finish and still have to go back and paint the "vent" but using a piece of long stiff wire as a single hinge pin, can easily apply/remove doors. Trying to fabricate seats is going to be tricky but the sandpaper and duct tape might work if I can get it to stick to the flower foam. We shall see. Otherwise, grille surround, grille, bumper, and hood have been redone/repainted in hopes some Molotowe chrome one day. Darn black paint and flash....dust. The paint job is clean. Peace
  8. COE ID???

    This creature is based on the US version of the International 9670 series introduced in the early/mid 1980's. Don't see many around anymore but there was a set back axle version offered in the US though I dont recall ever seeing a double bunk version. (I am NOT saying they didn't exist....just never saw one myself) . JB Hunt and Schneider had quite a few with raised roofs and the full aerodynamic package. Check on truckpaper.com for an IH 9800 found in the land down under. It's still around and been refined a bit. The flush turn signal lenses are a good indicator it is a later version.
  9. Got a couple of friends who drove down with serious health issues and figured a little pick me up might be in order. So, the 1/16 Bison project remains on the back burner for now. Totally box build of the 1/25 "snap" W900 other than the addition of the visor. 2 are in the works, here is the first. "Road" is 230 grid sandpaper and the picture was some cheap framed thing I found at Dollar General in the scratch and dent section. Serves the purpose. This surely is a nice little kit and glad Hobby Lobby seems to usually have them in stock. With the coupon, it works out real good. I hope it stays around a while. Should have the second one done in a few days and will post. Just got to see what is in the paint and decal stash Prayers for my friends would be appreciated. Thanks Peace
  10. Thanks for the comments. The red one cleaned up pretty good. "Reaming out the horns and lights?" Nah. A little cheap water base paint slopped inside the horns and orange with clear over the top on the lenses. I'm too lazy and cheap for much more than that. Thing 4 turned out real good and went for the full "drama" shot. It is actually dark blue and went together with no fuss. I normally weather and beat up models but the guy wanted a shiny one so here ya go.. For the pix, I just put a couple of layers of green painters tape over the flash. Cue Twighlight Zone music. Just a hint of camera shake really whacked the stacks and several other pieces out I can only guess as everything is straight. I promise!!!!! It was a long exposure. Then again, maybe it was the death ray from Andromeda. . Ahhh, night shots. Always enjoyed doing those. Hides a multitude of sins - doesn't make them go away but something to be said for the cover of darkness when it comes to a plastic model kit anyway.. Peace .
  11. Very cool builds! Nice shots. Even better stories! Well, the dude that wanted thing 1 and thing 2 wants 2 Petes now. Far from lucrative but it keeps me out of jail or the insane asylum and covers material costs. I got to go back and work on the Peterbilt emblems a bit and straighten the visor,otherwise call it done and another slam together pure stock build. Like many have said over the years, getting the wheels/rims to align on these kits is a pain. On the rears, I simply left out the "spacer" between the duals. It is such a thin gap only the rivet counters will ever notice and eliminates a lot of misery while helping out looks quite a bit. The other thing was the "pin" used on the headlight lenses really screws up their appearance. I simply shaved it off, scuffed the entire back side of the lens with 400 grit and glued it in. The "divider bar" is just a quick swipe of silver with a toothpick. One of those little things that does not take much skills or money but makes a big difference IMO. Peace.
  12. 1/87 Freightliner build

    In days past I used to do HO. You have pulled off a heck of a nice job on some tiny tiny stuff! Consider moving the thread over to the under glass section. Peace
  13. Have been requested to build this kit for a friend. If anyone has one available for trade, please PM me. Box condition does not matter as long as it is complete. I trust those on the good trader list far more than taking a chance on EBAY. Peace
  14. American LaFrance Dump Truck

    A dumper pumper?....nah...that name has to be saved that for the septic tank version. Hmmmm.... Such a combo could justify keeping the lights and siren. Just saying..... We have big old IH S series ambulance that visits town serving coffee and donuts with lights going. "Let us help you with your caffeine and sugar emergency" or some thing of that sort plastered all over it. Anyway, hope you will finish it out. Have fun with it! Peace.
  15. Well, if the red/orange one is "thing 1", then this will be thing 2. Again, a quickie other than a visor and a poorly made decal for the drivers door. Passes the arms length test and grand kids will probably get hold of it soon enough anyway which is fine. Paint is GM blue engine paint. Black and gold stripes were some 10+ year Titanic model and model airplane decals. A little off/crooked and short but considering the number of pieces they fell crumbled into, will do in a pinch. The crooked side hood emblem bugs me more than anything. SURELY that happened when the decal setting solution dripped down LONG after it was perfectly placed and set aside to dry. That is the conspiracy theory I will stick with for the moment anyway.. Funny, I just finished it up and got a call from the guy...He never knew I messed with them (I tend to stay real quiet about such things)."Hey, I just found out you built that model upon the shelf at the truck stop...Why didn't you say something? Would you build me one?" That (to me) is how it is supposed to work. "sure...I will have it to you this evening.". A little patience, faith and keeping quiet pays off at times. Thanks for the prayers. Oh, and for the photography folks...the "red/soft filter?" try putting your finger over most of your flash. Cant beat the price. Peace
  16. Thanks JT. Confession....it is just the lighting that makes it look orange. Sorry.... When Dollar General gets the $2 cans of enamel in orange, I am on it. It IS what was wanted as the fellow getting this is in eastern Tennessee. Go Vol's! Peace.
  17. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    For what it is worth, consider using window screen or similar as a template of sorts. Set the screen over the grille, hold it in place with some tape and have a blast. Once you get a hole drilled, insert a toothpick, piece of wire or ???? so the screen does not "walk" on you. This part is never much fun and as others have said, and fraction of a millimeter off becomes an eye magnet to the builder. I'm fighting a similar battle on exhaust heat shields right now. Words normally subject to potential censorship seem to become quite tempting. Good luck. Nice project. Keep us posted. Peace
  18. 1974 Dodge Bighorn - Done!!!

    very nice and really like your "shop". Just to throw one more power plant oddity, keeping in the bloodlines of Mopar, and seeing your obvious talents, how about a Chrysler "eggbeater" tank engine? Peace
  19. 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

    You have hit a home run on this one! A grand slam IMO. Don't forget the metal thermos and a full bottle of coke somewhere to clean the windshield! As info - Perhaps White had something better, as I am an old GM guy. GM's foot operated "siphon pump" windshield washer system of the early 70's was only a fraction of an inch away from totally worthless on a good day. Shaking up a coke bottle and spraying the windshield was pretty common way of bug removal while rolling. Again, fantastic work and thanks for sharing. Peace. .
  20. 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

    And now you are topping it off with "mismatch" flap to boot.. WONDERFUL! This thing keeps getting better every day! Since this wonderful work of art predates (and far surpasses) the "Road Commode II" era, to dare use such a term borders on an insult. A more fitting name seems in order So below is a link to a list of 101 other names for commode. Lots of good ones and most are suitable for all ages. To spare a few the time and inconvenience of following the link, I am partial to - #37 "House of Ease" emblazoned on the back of the cab in fancy script and a few jugs of SAE 40 resting between the fuel tanks and frame rails. Airbox drains slobbering like a Saint Bernard on a summer day and flames coming out the stack. Rock on brother! https://www.rotorooter.com/blog/101-names-for-a-toilet-marking-101-years-since-thomas-crappers-death/ It is a truly great work. Thanks for sharing. Peace.
  21. 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

    Well there ya go my friend. You could probably sell them not only to us old vintage trucker modeler sorts but the 4 wheeler modelers as well. I place my order for Cledus Maggard and the Citizen Band...(song - White Knight) in 1/16 scale for the Bison project. Peace
  22. Need 2 new, used or slightly molested 1/16 seats. Ideally from Revell/Monogram 1/16 KW/Pete kits. Don't know what is out there cars or military but certainly willing to consider as long as high and straight...not "leaned back" like in a Vette or Mustang. Could also use 5 cab roof clearance light lenses to really push my luck. Could offer scratch building type stuff for trade. Peace.
  23. wheel help

    And should you really decide to run yourself into a mental abyss on this whole issue, do a little digging into what is called "bridge formulas". Especially in California and Florida in the 1970's and 1980's. While it is still "bad" even today, it is nothing like it was. Remember...no computers or smart phones to do the math. Inmates running the asylum utilized more logic. I am convinced it was a mandated apprenticeship for once intelligent minds brainwashed and drugged into desiring employment with the IRS writing US tax code. "Let us see just how complex you can make this. Pay is based on word count and ensuring the inability of the common man to every truly be compliant no matter how hard he tries too." Tragic.... Peace.
  24. 1973 Road Commander Aerodyne

    Now THAT will be one to watch. Below can be your "prototype" for its stereo system mounted in the sleeper? Trying to keep the needle from jumping might be a problem but hey, just throw in an 8 track when rolling. It would make long layovers at Big Bob's Truck Stop entertaining. I found it headed to the landfill and have been refurbishing it for the past month and after seeing your old phone, thought you (and some other analog fans) might find a bit humorous. No disco allowed. Peace.
  25. Getting closer. It is still a loose fit at this point but the sleeper is roughed in. The CD cases worked well for the front and back walls. The luggage compartment will hold the batteries and (hopefully) a sound chip. Plans are for the speaker to go on the underside of the cab floor, The search is still on for a smoke generator that (hopefully) will also fit under the cab floor. It will be a "single stacker" not only for fuel tank/battery box configuration I chose early on but in an effort to only need one smoke generator. Maybe the next post will have it "done" but it is going to take time as all these little bits and pieces seem to take the greatest amount of time. The single biggest and most visible OOPS remains the mismeasure due to the front frame drop early on. As a result the front bumper winds up sitting about 6" too low but there is no way to really "fix" it now. I might go and "shave" a few scale inches off the bottom of it but that is a battle for another day. Peace.