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  1. macart52 added a post in a topic Renwal The Visible Automobile Chassis   

    Howdy neighbor. I'm down here in Cape. My wife was watching my screen and here ya go.
  2. macart52 added a post in a topic 56 Chevy Pro Stock - Finished up, off to the Drag Racing section   

    Hey Tyler,
     I'm your old neighbor from Moscow/North Pocono, living in missouri now. Fantastic build all the way around, But that car is very wrong from the factory. I have one too and I was always trying to figure out exactly what it is. By studying the pic, it looks to me like they got the roof part dead on, but the front clip and the rear trunk area of the body is way to long. So what if a guy was to cut out and section the front and rear? What I might do is match it up with one that's right. However I might be biting off more than I can chew, because everything else has to be shortened. I'll have to see. What do y'all think?
  3. macart52 added a post in a topic Where's Wolfie427?   

    Don't know where I heard it, but he died. Rumor patrol? I have no clue.
  4. macart52 added a post in a topic Scale Calculator   

    I know what you mean Dale. Been there and done that with all the calculators, but this one works like a charm. What I did find out is this. See where the measurement line is? Always have a 16 at the very end. Unless you have a different fraction for example 5/8 etc. All in all, lets say you want to build a diorama of your garage for example. And your garage is 30' wide by 30' deep. On the first line, click take this 1:1 full scale. Now type in 30 in the first space and 30 in the next one just before the inches. Make sure you have the 16 on the very end. Now click on what scale you want, to calculate. Down at the bottom it will give you your 1:1 scale in the scale you picked ie 1/8, 1/16 etc. The reason the 16 has to be there, gives the closest number down to 1/16 of an inch.
  5. macart52 added a topic in Dioramas   

    Scale Calculator
    I was stumbling around Google one day trying to find something that would tell me scales and come across this. I thought i'd share this with the group. I think this the greatest invention since the wheel LOL
    You have to have Java to make it work. Best of all, you can put it right on your desktop. It's a little confusing at times though. Just follow the directions and it will give excellent results. I'm trying to find a pocket scale calculator, but nothing yet.

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  6. macart52 added a post in a topic Diorama Question...   

    Got Table Saw? 2x4s etc work great. Just run em through the saw. If you don't have one, their pretty cheap at blowes and Home Depot. Just make sure you install a 0 clearence plate over the blade. 1/2"= 1' in 1/24th scale(I think).
  7. macart52 added a post in a topic Model "B" Ford   

    Ok, so first we have cross posting which I'm still clueless about. Now there's another one about hijacking. I'm not trying to be smart or anything, but I'm just picturing a bunch of good ol boys sittin round a hot rod garage drinkin beer and conversing about they're different cars and whatnot and one or two guys speaks up and says: Hey! You was just cross posting on what I said! Then another ol boy says: Don't hijack me or else! Ahem, well, never saw that kind thing. Reckon I'm old school. I know, it sounds like I'm takin all this personal, but I'm not. Just have a hard time trying to figure out 2013 LOL. Didn't mean to cause a ruckus either. I think I'll just lurke for a spell.
  8. macart52 added a post in a topic Model "B" Ford   

    Andy, J2 and everyone else on this great site, thank you. And I'll look up that Tim Boyd feller too. This here model is the last one that I really want. There were two I remember quite well, which is this model "B" and the Go-Boy-Cart from Hawk, which I have. Bought it off the bay back in 03 I believe. My dad bought me that one brand new back in 1960. I remember it very well as it was the same time the great movie,The Absent Minded Professor was playing at the picture show downtown. We went and saw the movie, but I was reluctant, due to the model. Well needless to say, I was too young and it ended up one big ball of glue. LOL So another question here. Should I build the cart or no? After all these years, I still can't make up my mind. Whatchya'll think?

    Thanks again.

  9. macart52 added a post in a topic Model "B" Ford   

    Ok, so what is crossposting? Please explain if I done something wrong, new here. Anyway, I went through every one of them old models and found nothing. Thanks.
  10. macart52 added a post in a topic Model "B" Ford   

    Seems to me it was brown Andy. I know this is a loooong shot. So many years ago and I've been looking for that one for over 50 years now, but never found it. Thanks for the reply fellers.
  11. macart52 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Model "B" Ford
    Ok, so the year is around 1961 (shows my age) and my mother got sick and landed in the hospital and at that time, kids was not allowed to go in any room. So my dad bought me a model car, to keep me busy in the back seat while he went in to see my mom. I think it was a "B" roadster.
    So here's where I need some help from the older crowd here. This model was so cool. I'm thinkin it had a flatty which was split in two. Now inside the flatty halves was fitted for a double shafted electric motor. As the block went together, there was a shaft sticking out of both ends. The front shaft had the balance wheel mounted on it hence turned the fan and generator with a small rubber band. The back shaft turned the tranny and rear differentral, that turned the back wheels. I remember very well that there were two red hollow pieces of plastic tubes connecting a metal rod for a driveshaft, coming out of the tranny and into the diff. Of course I never got it all together as don't forget, it was in the back seat of the car and a lot of the parts were lost.LOL

    Now here's my question. Does anyone remember this model? What scale and what company made it? Or was I dreamin. LOL

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