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  1. Ive been slowly doing this kit for my grandfather, as a replica of his 1:1 he sold to pay for his wedding. He denies it, but every one of his buddies says the car would almost break into tens in the quarter when he was done with it. Anyways, im unsure of how this part, number 87, actually goes on the model. If any one could provide a picture I would appreciate it
  2. masked off the surround, and sprayed the grille itself with rustoleum satin black, and then cleaned up the edge with a toothpick with thinner. Looks pretty accurate to me.
  3. And I have the whole car in grey urethane DuPont chromabase primer right now, I may put a white base down, and sand it smooth beforr spraying the color. Haven't quite decided yet.
  4. Yeah base clear is actually all I've sprayed. Ive just heard that the three stage paints, which is usually a base a midcoat and a tint, are almost as difficult as spraying candies.
  5. I recently purchased a 96 firebird, and after repairing the body damage, and deciding on what aftermarket hood I want, I've decided to two tone it with GM, BPM (BRIGHT PURPLE METALLIC) paint code:88U. It was available on 97-98 models, so it would be "incorrect" but oh well. My question is if this color is a tri coat, or three stage, whatever you like to call it. I have yet to spray anything 3stage, and im defiently not using my own car as practice. I may end up using plum krazy as it is similar, and im almost positive its not 3stage.
  6. Thanks! it really bothered me that the paint came out so perfect and that one window had glue bombs all over it. the blue really pops in the sunlight!
  7. this was the AMT kit, it came with a hardtop and convertible. I broke the back window so it glued it and painted it black to hide the glue marks, and liked the tinted look so i did the same on the front window. The headlights did not fit, so I left them off the car. other then some detail painting on the chassis, I didnt go to crazy with this kit as it was a curbside. Paint is Model master, Dodge "GTS blue pearl", and model master black. I also decided to black out the side signal lights. The clear coat I grabbed from the body shop I work at, its Dupont "ready spray" I think its similiar the acrylic jamb clear that Doctor cranky uses. (yes the brake lights are missing) And there is awful glue marks I mentioned. thanks for lookin!
  8. Yeah I just noticed I goofed... the way I glue things its not coming off! Im thinking about doing a metallic maroon/cherry color with a metallic charcoal gray. The line would follow the body line on the side. Yes it most certainly is. Gotta keep those dang teenagers from abusing it!
  9. Not a whole lot done so far, but a 50 hour week at work gets in the way! DeChromed and painted the wheels. Still a bit too large for my taste.... The fuel pump was painted flat aluminum later
  10. Low profile tires on a cuda is seems so wrong but doesn't look to bad! Beautiful model!
  11. your correct on both points. I was dechroming some stuff and accidentally put the shift in. And the wheels were supposed to be body colored, along with the hood. I wanted it to have a no nonsense, slightly customized look to it. As for the paint, it's model master 2 stage lacquer with wet look clear. I sprays two light coats, and wetsand with 1000 sprayed a wet coat, cure for a week wetsand with 200, two wet coats, cure for a week wetsand with 4000 then the final wet coats
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