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  1. looking for copies of the instructions for these two kits, any ideas?
  2. What ever happened to Ross Gibson resin Engines? I remember that there was a large range of options, everything from straight six to full blown drag. Is there a place to buy them or are they under a different name?
  3. is there anyone who offers the parts to replicate the differences?
  4. in the same kit or that both kits will be released?
  5. I have a chance to use a 3D printer for a couple weeks and was wondering if anyone has some files that are drag racing related. I really would like to see if I could do some rims in different scales, but anything will be cool.
  6. I understand that that the drag slicks that came in the older kits where not that accurate and the ones offered by comp resins are not either. Any idea on a solution.
  7. I have a few 1/16 revel drag kits and with all the great builds on this site as of late I decided to start one myself but the original drag slicks are shot due to age. Is there anyone making an aftermarket set or other options?
  8. Norman: That is the molded in detail from the kit just used different shade of black on the belt detail. Douglas: Thanks for the info, next time I will use the proper paint for the lettering.
  9. Question? Did the stock cars of the day run treaded tires and how do you paint the raised letters on them. I painted them with enamel and it does not seem to want to dry?
  10. It took me about three month of on again off again work.
  11. Never built one of these before and thought I would try one. Started out as the Round 2 reissue of the Petty Charger.
  12. Thanks Casey and Bill. Glad to have a place to post these hope they help others out there as well, I just became a member of the forum. I will post others as I gather them. Yes they are from Garlits taken years ago, have some other from there as well.
  13. Thanks I have had them laying around and thought I would share. I will start posting others as I gather them.
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