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  1. imkruzn added a post in a topic Can old yellowed window plastic be cleared?   

    Thank you all for your info and suggestions. My '59 Buick is a promo model, I think, or maybe a toy. It had a friction motor that is missing, which is OK because I just wanted it for display. I got it for a quarter of the price of new/old models or other promo models. I am re-creating my favorite real cars from the past. It appears that my 'glass' has yellowed from age. There is no clearer area where it was attached to the body but yellowed uniformly throughout the 'glass'. I will try the alcohol dunk and check out the window 'glass' at Modelhaus.
  2. imkruzn added a post in a topic Can old yellowed window plastic be cleared?   

    Thanks for your suggestions. When I said 'clear the yellow' I didn't mean clear coat. I was just asking about removal of the yellow. What is Future?
  3. imkruzn added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Can old yellowed window plastic be cleared?
    I have an old 1959 Buick Dealer's model that I am rebuilding. The clear plastic window glass has yellowed over the years. Is there a way to clear the yellowed plastic?
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