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  1. My front tires snapped together nicely, the back ones...no matter how many times i reasemble them always come out wobbly...
  2. Yep, I was there. We had to make 3 trips out to the car because we kept circling the room and buying more kits than we could carry.
  3. The three things i got off ebay arrived earlier than expected. It was a wonderful surprise today!
  4. I recently went to my first swap meet but didn't have a complete model to enter. Now by the time the next one comes around I should have a couple different ones to enter and see how I do. I'd be interested in getting feedback and tips on how to get better.
  5. While soaking my truck in the bin of paint shame, i decided to start this kit. It is the Revell Monogram kit. My first impression is that there is too much chrome for my taste... oh well. Engine came together pretty quick.
  6. Well, i put the matte finish on and tried my hand at waterslide decals. Waiting on glue for the windows...until then i would call it 98% finished...
  7. I've been working on this kit off and on... got to a point where I just couldn't make up my mind about how to paint certain aspects... Interior is complete, seats have been attached... now I'm just trying to find my confidence in applying my decals to the dash... once that's done then the car is almost complete. In the mean time I started a 50's chevy truck... that has been its own challenge!
  8. The interior looks great! I hope mine turns out just as well.
  9. I had typed up a nice description but my cell phone bugged out and deleted it all. I've got the engine mounted and my suspension in place. I had some issues with the tires and getting them on all the way... the front tires are a little wobbly and in trying to force them on I popped some of my other glued parts off... so, some repair work had to be done. The body has its first coat of flat black. I've sanded it and will be doing a second coat. I'm also trying to finalize my ideas for the interior. I want to make it look good so I'm trying to narrow down my options. The seats look like they're set up to look better in two-tones... and I'm trying to decide on the best way to take care of the dash... More pictures coming after I get my floor and interior done!
  10. Yep, jeepgirl and i spent a boatload and had to make two trips to the car. Next time im bringing a few bags!! Pucked up a ton of stuff and then of course stopped in at the local shop to get some new colors.
  11. Wow! That looks amazing!! Every build i look at just inspires me more!
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