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  1. The shirt's already done (pheew, four attempts, I hate painting blue). Base on face - heavy skintone Vallejo.
  2. Another one in the quarantine time. 3D print. My work so far... Keep safe, guys!
  3. Hello! My newest bust. Painted with VGC and Citadel acrylics. Painting a jacket inspired by the Vincent's work Enjoy!
  4. Anonymous Afro Guy on a 40 mm scale from Mr Lee's Minis. This tiny bust was lying on my gray pile for quite a long time until I remembered the game I was playing at Atari 65 XE in mid '80 - One on One. There was a guy with such an afro, Dr. J's name was, he played basketball with Larry Bird from the Boston Celtics. Decals - Mr Decal, labels - Syndikate Co. Enjoy!
  5. Hello, friends. This is my latest bust I'm workin on. Afro Guy in very small scale by Mr Lee's Minis. Improved several times, now I'm happy with the result. Ver. 1.0 Version 2.0 I think it's far better: Decals...: Cheers.
  6. Thanks, Ray. Scibor Teleszynski is a great sculptor, I love to paint his figurines.
  7. Rather vignette than diorama. A small meadow near Spychów, known from the Polish novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz "Teutonic Knights". The unit of knight Jurand is looking for Teutonic survivors, or maybe they are just resting ...? I used the "Town Guard" Scibor Miniatures kit, painted with acrylics.
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