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  1. Shoey added a post in a topic Abandoned Road Boss   

    Thanks Rob! and Thanks to everyone for your kind words,
  2. Shoey added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    Abandoned Road Boss
    Hey Guys, This is a commission build for a 60th birthday present,
    I'm not one for building stuff to part with, I get too attached to them.
    Any how I knocked this one up in about 5 days, but a few very late nights.
    it's the AMT White Road Boss, ultra basic kit, with super ultra basic instructions.
    a few parts did not make the cut, so they fell off my bench into the bin.
    I hope you like!

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  3. Shoey added a post in a topic Another Aussie here   

    Hey Dude, you made it. If you have trouble navigating around, there are plenty of helpful members here!
  4. Shoey added a post in a topic American Pickers VW   

    Great stuff Dave, I love the sign in the back. you could give up Fire fighting and come work with me making real ones!
  5. Shoey added a post in a topic Another Bloke from Australia   

    Hi Jim, Everything is the same (loud peddle on the right) except you guys sit on the wrong side of the car, Haha
  6. Shoey added a post in a topic Another Bloke from Australia   

    Welcome Dave, This place is massive, and lots of great stuff too.
    I reckon if we get the word out to more of us Aussies, we can over run this site. Haha
  7. Shoey added a post in a topic Shelby Mustang GT500 build - detailed   

    Wow! This is fantastic. I can't wait for the end product.
  8. Shoey added a post in a topic Studebaker Lark with Cris Craft runabout   

    All I can say is just WOW! Fantastic job on both car and boat!
  9. Shoey added a post in a topic Landcruiser Trayback   

    Haven't been taking many pics, just been head down to get it finished for show.
    Heres is a couple will get more soon,

  10. Shoey added a post in a topic Landcruiser Trayback   

    I have no plans at the moment, When I get the urge to build another one I might pull it apart and mould it.
    Thanks for watching.
  11. Shoey added a post in a topic Landcruiser Trayback   

    Thanks Guys. Will get more pics up soon as this is coming together real fast now.
    Hey Tom, That is pretty funny. this must happen everywhere.
    I have a mate over here who does military models. he has to be real carefull not to get shot when taking photos and measurements.
    G'day Ben, You didn't tell me you were on here too!
  12. Shoey added a post in a topic Landcruiser Trayback   

    and some more. I posted all of the photos and the story in one post that I put together.
    But it didn't show up. hopefully it is not floating around this forum somewhere.

  13. Shoey added a post in a topic Landcruiser Trayback   

    Here are a couple more pics. This was the first tray that I made for it. but it was too short.
    The bull bar was made from Evergreen plastic rod.

  14. Shoey added a topic in On the Workbench: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Landcruiser Trayback
    Hi all, I started this about 5 years ago. it was meant to be a long term build.
    other builds were taking preference over it. Two years went past with out touching it.
    But now I'm full steam on it to get it finished for a model comp in June.

    Anyhow the story is that no one has done a Tojo ute in 1:25 scale.
    so I thought I'd give it a bash!
    I have never made any car completely out of plastic card. so this could be interesting.

    a 75 series ute was parked out front of work , so I snuck a few measurements
    before the owner came back. funny thing is he was standing behind me watching what I
    was doing. when I explained he asked if he could hold the end of the tape measure for me. phew!!!

    Hope you like

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  15. Shoey added a post in a topic Sir Jack Brabham   

    Very sad, what a great man he was. I had the steering wheel from his Bathurst Torana in my office for a while.
    My boss bought it at Sir Jacks 80th Birthday Charity function/auction.