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  1. Another nice comparison of 962 kits. Just run it through translate; http://www.modellismo.net/forum/statico-recensioni-kit/65968-auto-comparativa-porsche-962-1-24-a.html
  2. Unsure if its been brought up on this thread but the UMM scribers are very worthy.
  3. Thanks David. I was looking at the other version that the caster makes which also looks very cool.
  4. Hi Gary, Some pics of your Studio27 kit would be very very cool. One could build the Miller GTP car from it?
  5. For the discerning and free spending modeler, some new fromage from a caster called Clay Models; https://www.grandprixmodels.com/CLA24003-Porsche-956-GearboxSuspension-Set-24-Conversion-Set.aspx https://www.grandprixmodels.com/CLA24001-Porsche-956-Engine-Set-Conversion-Set.aspx
  6. Thank you David! I did see your post from last year about 962 IMSA driveline availability and was a little bummed that no one responded meaning that it probably doesn't exist. I love the look that that fat single turbo sitting on top.
  7. This page seems very comprehensive on the subject and does a very nice job of comparing 1/24 962 kits and offerings. https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/962a.htm And it seems that the above kit is really just a Tamiya 956. I'm surprised that a Tamiya 962 body was not included in it. I mean come on man seriously a 962 it is not. They could have at least provided replacement front and rear body panels with the correct wheels/tires. For some reason this really has me miffed. Man I'd love it if there was a real 1/24 962 IMSA/GTP kit available. Or at least front and read body parts as well a single turbo replacement. Perry's Resin had one many many moons ago and it looked really really nice. It's funny, his site has it listed for $50 but something like that would easily fetch $100+ now a days. I even went on Shapeways and thankfully some one has taken an interest in 1/24 scale 962, but the parts are expensive. Is everything expensive or is it just me? Well, at least this site is free Does any one know if a Porsche 962 IMSA/GTP has been scratch built? This seems to be a nice kit of the 94' Lemans winner; http://www.gts-series.com/fr/voitures/kits-1-24/dauer-n36-gagnante-6385.xhtml So far, a decent attainable kit in 1/24 form seems to be the Hasegawa.
  8. Hi, Wondering if some one could shed light on this kit. I had it but it was destroyed in last years fire. I did get small chance to briefly look it over though. I recall that it seemed just like another Tamiya 956 kit with Kremer decals. A bit disappointing as the 962 had significant differences to the 956 in my eyes anyways. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  9. Wow you're right. I've seen the photo that JC posted many many times and always thought it was a line up of the 908. Man was I wrong. I did a quick Google images search and yep, 917. Amazing how little I know, it's impressive actually.
  10. Hi Gary, No problem man, I bought the other version being with out the fins. I can aways eBay it later but I'd rather use it.
  11. Wow, very very true. You I'd even dare say that race cars change while in a race.
  12. Ah, very very good points. I've never really thought about it before but race cars seem to change season to season, race to race and even driver to driver.
  13. I like this video on it and think Vallejo is a very good paint. There is also Mission Models primer as well.
  14. I honestly don't think that it will take much work to fix the Fujimi kit. It seems to not taper enough towards the front end like the Heller does. I did order the Renaissance corrective rear piece mainly out of curiosity and will reply with photos when it arrives in say, oh about 3 years! Seriously I hope it shows sooner then later.
  15. Thank you Randy. Well I don't have them and probably won't be getting them.
  16. Thanks Jonathan, I really appreciate your reply.
  17. Thanks for the links Casey, much appreciated!
  18. Hi Gary, I was able to find these; https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234925603-simil-r-ford-gt40/ http://www.modelersite.com/Dic2012/TheBest/English/FordGT_eng.htm But not much else. Also on this forum a while back; Jonathan/martinfan5 seemed to echo what I remember reading about this kit a while back. I'm hoping for more build photos of any kind. PS I think that if one is serious about building the kit, then perhaps buying the build PDF by Fabrice Marechal from Modelers Site would be a very good idea.
  19. Hi, A little talked about kit and one that's almost impossible to find finished builds of is the 1/24 SimilR Ford GT. Does any one have a complete build or WIP? Seems a real bear which may be why many may have partially started and just walked away from it. At any rate I'd love to hear about the kit if any one has one.
  20. Hi, So many many moons ago Paul Fisher had created a 1/24 Porsche 917 DoppelHeck. I'm curious if any one has this kit and can supply some nice photos of its contents etc... It's just for knowledge sake.
  21. I'll probably end up buying the Renaissance corrective rear piece and post pictures of it versus the Fujimi part on this thread. It's not a huge cost and should benefit our community. Weather I use it will be a different story. I "think" that in terms of "the look", that between shaving off here and there and "perhaps using the wider rear piece, that the Fujimi 917 will look much much better.
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