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  1. Here is my next project, a 1975 Buick Regal Indy 500 Pace car. I just finished a 73 Buick Century and had already done the 76 Buick Century Pace Car so this was the next one on my list. It had the formal roofline that some of the Collonade cars had instead of the fastback roof. Since the 76 car has the formal roofline, this was a pretty simple cut and splice (so far). I just started it and so I still need to rework the front and rear ends and the rear bumper. I shaved the marker lights off the 73 body and will need to move them up like the 75 car had. So off to a good start. I  also shaved the roof band off the 76 roof (but left the t tops) and am starting to open the windows up to get the correct shape. Because the main body was already done, this one should move faster than the 2 years the other two took!

    75 pace car resin 1.jpg

  2. 22 minutes ago, espo said:

    Interesting subject. I remember these with the AMC 401 cu in and a 4 speed. They were a lot quicker than most people realized until all they saw was tail lights. I like your chassis idea and look forward to seeing how this turns out. 

    A friend of mine in high school had a 401/4 speed dual quad AMX that was a very sweet, quick ride.

  3. I favor the Collonades. I have owned three (still own one) and I like their style. You can do 75 Cutlass (Jo-Han snap kit), 76 Laguna (you have to convert a Pepsi NASCAR Chevelle and use Revell 77 Monte Carlo interior), 73 Century, 76 Pace car, 73 Grand Am, 73 GTO, 74/75 Grand Am, 77 Can Am, and 77 LeMans sedan. I am going to do the 75 Buick Pace Car (already started on the interior) and maybe a 77 442. I did the 77 Buick Century in fastback and formal roof NASCAR cars and a 76 Hurst Grand Prix as well.

    silver pace car 1.jpg

    3 bodies 2.jpg

    73 gto parts.jpg

    pro touring GA 1.jpg

    smokey lemans 1.jpg

  4. Go to the grocery store and look in the coffee filter section. You will see basket filers that are plastic and have metal mesh openings with very fine mesh. That's what I use. I cut the mesh out.

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