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  1. The Raptors chrome rims look great on the diamond plated bed. Also like the color makes the decals pop. Great work!
  2. Cant wait to see this finished! Great color.
  3. Nice! Keep it going, look like a fun idea.
  4. Dodge L-700 plus box trailer, not sure if I'll do it as coca-cola
  5. Awesome, Love the blue and white on that car. Three on the column is what my grandfather called "three on the tree" and he was from Bloomingdale Mi. Again awesome!
  6. Awesome, can't wait to see what you do to yours. I turned mine into the stove bolt dream boat, had a lot of fun with this model. Got it all painted when, the fence fell over crushing it into flat plastic bits. Now it to sits waiting to be worked on.
  7. Hey could not stop thinking about the V8 chainsaw (at 2:00), going to make a 1/25 model to go with my log trucks.
  8. wow I will be watching this. Will look badass.
  9. Yes sir, Andy sir. Works out to a model plus extras a month sir.
  10. Quit smoking in Nov, thanks for looking.
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