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  1. Only kidding sorry. I'm new to the forum and reading this topic just gets me exited about all the great models being re-issued from round 2 I am open for every model and the retro box art wow can't get enough. Unfortunately my wallet isn't as open as me. But I think I can still get a few of them. I found great interest in this topic of upcoming releases . I just want to say thank you and thank you to round 2 .
  2. Hi Charlie and hi 1930 ford pickup. Charlie absolutely I would love to go to a mass car model meeting. I was looking at my calendar and august might not work unfortunately for me but any 3rd Wednesday after August would be great. I have been wanting to get involved with a Model car group but did not know where to start so thank you Charlie for the information and inviting me to masscar. 1 questions I have is what are the times start to finish. And 1930 fordpickup I am really trying to get out of the stone age and into the 21st century. It's mostly with the computer and Internet stuff that I am behind with. Well thanks guysTake care. Jeff
  3. Wow . Again I would like to say thank you to everyone who has welcomed me here. When I was signing up on the forum I read the rules and regulations and Gregg said that we are one big happy family here on the forum and I am definitely feeling it .And foxer I will definitely take you up on your offer. My computer skills oh I'm sorry what computer skills or any that I think I have are definitely-positivatly lagging behind. So thank you. I have been scrolling around and reading some great and I mean great stuff on the forum.l feel that I am very lucky to have model car building in my life today. I cannot say enough positive things about itWell I hope that everyone has a great day and look forward to communicating more. Jeff
  4. Hi there. Thank you for welcoming me.l am a fan of most years but tend to lean to the 60-70 and some of the 80ies .again thank you and I look forward to communicating more about all this Hobby(actually it's more than a hobby to me) has to offer.
  5. Hi everyone. My name is jeff hughes and I am just getting back into the great hobby of model cars. Please bear with me as the computer-Internet-thing is all new to me. I have as they say been living in the stone age. My excellent and wonderful nephew had to help me set up my account on the forum but hey I'm Learning and trying. Well I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone and also to say that I love model cars.
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