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  1. Super builds as always Brendon. At least we have one company (person) who doesn't need a government bail out to be successful. Maybe you could give Detroit some tips.
  2. WOW! I hadn't given much thought as to why. Just knew that I enjoyed it. After some heavy thinking, I seem to have some answers, at least for me. I'm an old guy now, almost 76, and with the age and a bunch of medical problems, I can now longer participate in the physical activities that I love, Golf, Tennis, Bowling, etc... and am limited to indoor activities to eat up the day. Model car building is a pretty cost effective hobby. Living on a fixed income makes this appealing, but forgoes the resin kits, after market do dads, etc.. But I'm perfectly happy with buying a $15.00 kit and just using the stuff that comes in the box. It allows me to try to stretch my skills one step at a time and to try to get just a little bit creative. Ie.. my latest project is a 65 El Camino which I am trying to make into kind of a roadster pick up semi custom. Top is gone, body shaved, bumpers striped and will be painted, and hopefully will have a hinged hood and tarp. Not so much compared to other builds here, but a big challenge for me. Not only in skill level, but in time consumed. Anyhow, I guess my answer is that it is a fun thing that I can do and afford.
  3. A friend of mine who builds model aircraft uses a glue called G-S hypo cement for windows and canopies and swears by it. Anyone tried this on model cars, and if so, with what results?
  4. Hey guys, I am not an economist, just a tax paying citizen. I'm retired. Have been for 8 years. No pension, just Social Security. No pre paid medical, just Medicare. Nobody ever paid me for not working because my "line" was idled. Only government "hand out" that I ever got was short term unemployment when I was laid off, and that came from a fund that I had contributed to. I have a few questions that I hope you folks might address: Why does GM compete with itself by having its lines put out much the same products with different logos? I can understand GM and Ford trying to keep their shareholders somewhat solvent, but why Chrysler? Aren't they privately held? That's like Warren Buffet wanting a hand out because the price of gold dropped. As far a bailouts, I could use one. If you guys could get together and loan me $100,000.00, spread amongst you that wouldn't be much per lender, I promise to pay you back and change my ways. You can charge me 20% interest. I will quit smoking and drinking. I will only buy kits that are on sale. I will faithfully use my Michaels coupons. Really, I'll pay you back. And, if for some reason my plan doesn't work, I might be back for another "loan".
  5. Kevin, Quit your crying. We all have problems. Seems to me that you have taken a "hobby" and turned it into a chore. With all of your "deals", build offs, and mixing paints for others, along with family problems, whatever they are, it's no wonder you feel boxed in. Figure out just why you build. Some do it for a profit, some to demonstrate their skills, some just to replicate cars that they appreciate in as much detail as possible. Me, I do it as a retreat from the real world. When my financial, personnel, and ongoing medical problems are getting the best of me, that's when I enjoy building the best. I don't have nearly the skills as most people here, but when I can get a couple of pieces of plastic glued together properly or spray a coat of paint that looks pretty good, somehow the world looks a little better.
  6. Thanks guys. I had a can of "PowerHouse" heavy duty oven cleaner that I had gotten from the dollar store and thought that I would give it a try. Put the parts in a tuperware tub, in my spray booth to avoid any fumes, and gave it a good coating. After about 10 minutes and a touch of an old tooth brush and a cold water rinse, they came out clean as a whistle.
  7. I want to strip and color paint some chrome bumpers. Best way?
  8. m408

    79 Camero "T" top

    Been building Raul. Just not completing. Maybe after NNL West we can have another pizza get together. I might even have another build finished by then.
  9. m408

    79 Camero "T" top

    Didn't leave Clay, just been looking and learning.
  10. Just the stuf that came in the box. In fact, not even all of the stuf that came in the box.
  11. Hey Clay, could have been worse. What if you heard the doctor say "oops"?
  12. Thanks guys. I'll try to explain the extent of my dilemma, and my proposed plan. Your comments will be appreciated. The kit is AMT's 34 Ford 5 window. To install the interior bucket the body must be spread. Can't do it with the fire wall glued in. Don't want to install the interior and have to mask windows etc.. for paint. So....I have painted the top section and applied Future to allow for some handling while working on the lower section. Installing windows and interior bucket. Then will finish lower section, prep, and paint. Whacha think?
  13. Thanks James. Problem is that this will be a two tone paint job with a thin black stripe between the colors. Maybe just using Future might be my best bet.
  14. Have no idea what type of paint Tamiya is, other than expensive. What do you folks recommend for a clear coat, and how long should I wait for the paint to set before coating?
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