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  1. Thank you ben! There is some gaps for me between the bumpers(front & rear) but the doors is perfectly fitted, i had to sand down a little the rear top window, because its was touching the doors top window Thanks man!
  2. Thanks. I bought 4 sheets of those: https://hlj.com/product/SHKD312
  3. The model is finished! You can see final photos here:
  4. Thank you! Very nice to hear that! If you want to see the build progress:
  5. After 2 months, i finally finished the aoshima pagani huayra in 1/24 scale. The body is painted in candy red over a gold undercoat. With a LOT of carbon fiber decals on the rear and front bumpers, engine cover, roof, doors, mirrors and side skirts. All od them is custom made from carbon fiber decals sheet. The interior is painted with zero paints beige with some more carbon fiber all over. The engine is nicely detailed too. Its a very good kit anf good detailing, but there is some gaps in the rear and front bumper. The door's hinges are very good. So..... Enjoy the photos! Hope you liked it, let me know what you think!
  6. More progress before the final photos. I got all the chassis parts /interior & engine glued together Added CF decals to the engine cover and doors(panels also) and on top of all zero paints 2k gloss clear Let me know what you think! Next photos will be the finished model
  7. I did... Its Custom made from CF sheet, a TON of work... Thanks guys
  8. After a long time, more update And the main subject is.... Carbon Fiber! And a lot of it! I done the interior with zero paints beige and CF, the front bumper with..... CF, Rear bumper with CF and the side skirts with..... CF!! All the CF decals is custom made. And in the top of all zero paints gloss clear coat. I also done CF on the roof and the hood and doors will be add later Enjoy the photos. And final photos of the engine
  9. Thanks you all guys! I Glad that you love it! Its I'll take few weeks until i will update it again, because of the carbon decals that need to shipped to me. http://i1353.photobucket.com/albums/q669/eliashiv1994/Mobile Uploads/IMG_20170122_153541_zpsfmlo6cy9.jpg Can you see it there?
  10. Thanks guys! You bet that the cars are insured, despite they are not in good condition.... LOL
  11. Thanks! Yeah i know, i will be extremely careful, if it will ruined i will strip the paint and start over....
  12. Hey I recently started the new latest kit from aoshima, the pagani huayra. The body paint is alclad pale gold as a base, and on the top is alclad candy red, came out amazing! Still need to sand off some dust that sticks to the paint. And then diamonds clear coat from zero paints. The engine is painted in steel with some gold touches and polished aluminum. My first time that i do a heat effects for the exhaust system, what do you think? Its also have 4-pieces metal exhaust pipes. A lot of parts need to get carbon fiber decals (engine head, roof, side skirts, door panels, interior, etc) But i don't have yet the correct CF pattern, so i ordered it, hopefully it will came soon. But i put some CF on the front piece (where the radiator and front suspension). So, what do you think? Let me know! Thanks for watching
  13. Thanks vuys! I forgot that we have this forum.
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