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  1. Looks great, l like the cinnamon brown and gold. Did this kit include the body side mirrors? Anyway, nice build, l cant wait to build this one as well.
  2. Very nice, love the orange and black...Really nice clean build, and a great subject, Well done.
  3. Absolutely beautiful, love the red lines and the paint looks amazing. The interior is also very sweet. Nice mods on the head lamps, thats much better. Great model all round.
  4. Wow, Fantastic Vette, with a great color....nice build.
  5. Thanks for your encouraging words Wayne, I'm glad you like it, and best of luck with your build. If I understand what you're asking correctly... I build and paint the engine compartment first, so it can be painted at the same time as the body. Then install the engine along with the chassis. Thanks again.
  6. Now "This" is awesome. Talk about a subject you rarely see on model forums.... It's beautiful, and nicely built, great work on this one.
  7. That's very cool, l like the satin black look, and the low stance gives it great attitude. Well done!
  8. Very nice creation. The color is wicked....
  9. That's a beautiful build, super clean all around. The color suits it well, and the paint job looks outstanding! Nicely done...
  10. Actually, l meant the stripes that run along the bottom of the fender, door, and quarter panels!
  11. Very nice, love the color....l'll bet it feels good to be settled into your new home! Great build once again.
  12. Beautiful little model Paul. The colors are very nice, and it looks super clean all around. Question for you....did you leave the stripes along the bottom off intentionally? Looks great either way, well done.
  13. Is this ever an awesome idea! Great stuff, l love the over sized wheels and red lines you put on them. The Cougar is my favorite....looks like a very well assembled model....congrats on all, and the idea!
  14. Wow, it looks nicely detailed to me. It's a very clean build, and certainly a rare kit to see all dolled up like this one. Nice job.....I'm inspired to build one now, thanks!
  15. Very nice, the red is beautiful. Great build in all aspects. I like the continental kit....lt's amazing how versatile 55's are...they can can be such an aggresive and cool looking muscle car, yet with the continental kit and lowering it into the weeds, they can look so elegant and classy as you have portrayed nicely here. Well done!
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