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  1. That looks good! Definitely an improvement. Just a thought on a temporary solution to the A-Pillar issue (and maybe not a great solution, but...) take a black sharpie and sort of "color in" a rubber moulding (or window tint) on the silver all around the windshield. It will give an illusion of being slimmer like the 1:1 car below...maybe. again, just a thought.
  2. That is GORGEOUS! Excellent build of a fairly challenging kit!
  3. Hello and welcome! I built a few Airfix kits many, many years ago and made the transition to AMT and Monogram sometime in the 70s. I believe you will enjoy building the American cars and kits. Cheers!
  4. Thank you! I know that compared to those who do full plumbing, wiring, photo etch, etc, these must seem too "simple", but considering their age, and the number of times they have been moved or put up in storage, I'm just pleased I didn't end up with a box of parts 😃
  5. Thanks...alas, the engine and undercarriage are box-stock General Lee mostly in flat black. Nothing inspiring.
  6. Thanks for the info! I never realized there were two different versions of this kit.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. I gave up on the Randy Ayers board after the crash. It's been long enough now maybe I will give it another go. I was actually hoping someone might reproduce the sheet. I am a bit leary of buying old decals because you never know how they were stored. Seems like Yesterday's decals should be fairly resilient, though. Thanks again for the reply!
  8. I love this! Looks fantastic! Alan Mann's cars were always exquisitely prepared. His Mark 1 Cortinas were some of the prettiest cars to ever hit a race track (including those campaigned in the Trans AM series!) Well done!
  9. Does anyone know if the Yesterday's Pylon Wipers decal sheet will ever be redone? I have the kit decals and a somewhat generic decal sheet that would do a couple AMT/MPC Chevelles (Cale Yarborough Kar Kare, Lennie Pond Master Chevelle, etc) but the colors aren't right for the Johncock Chevelle. I've contacted Mikes Decals, Southern Motorsports Hobbies, and a couple others. I even check ebay, but a Yesterday's sheet hasn't come up in ages. Anyone know any other sources, or if Powerslide might do it at some point? Thanks! What I have: What I am hoping will be reissued (or some-such-similar)
  10. This looks awesome. Love the old stock cars...when they really were stock. Quick question: is that the MPC hood?
  11. Blame the General Lee...it still looks better than the paper clip roll cage I made for one of my Thunder Road Flying Tiger replicas.
  12. Thanks, I'd like to say "yes" I did something really cool and technical with the wheels, but no, the Monogram chrome trees in the 90's (like the Lumina) had more of a satin finish than shiny chrome that came with the 80s kits.
  13. I guess this will do for today. A couple more old builds from "the archives". I'm sure some of you are wondering why someone would post such cruddy builds. Well, I think there is a little charm in how naive these are. Certainly not up to today's standards, but awesome sitting on a shelf as a reminder of mis-spent youth. Really glad I found this box and shudder to think how many more went to the dump. Basically box stock with Fred Cady decals that have yellowed over time. I guess I was pretty proud of having found aftermarket decals back in the day so I could build something that was different (compared to box stock offerings) Suppose you could call these "survivors." Thanks for looking! Love to see other's old NASCAR builds. I know there's survivor posts in other topics. Cheers!
  14. Here's another one I built about 30 years ago. It is quite crude and innacurate, I realize, but it's held up ok and, to me, represents a fond moment in time. Cannonball Run kit, basically box stock, pretty sure those are Monogram wheels and tires. Haven't a clue who did the decals. They are starting to flake off, though I did find another unused set in the box, so I may restore. I also used pinstripe tape for the front bumper. As I recall, the kit bumper stuck out too far and the actual race car seemed to have more of a "rub strip" than an actual bumper. Looking at it now just makes me laugh. And yes, yes that really is a piece of window screen wrapped in pinstripe tape for a window net. This was built in the day before the aftermarket was so...available, so I did the best I could with what I had.
  15. I just came across a box of NASCAR models I built 25 to 30 years ago. They have held up pretty well thanks to the AMT Sho-Cases being fairly air tight. Anyway, I figured I would post some pictures showing the "state of the hobby" a couple decades ago. Yes, this is somewhat crude and innacurate by today's building standards but it will look ok on the shelf, I think. Unfortunately, the decals have started to yellow a bit. So, the model...and I am going to ask for some help as to the source...I got the body and nose cone in a box lot of beaters at a swap meet. I think it was a stock body, not the NASCAR kit. You'll notice the door scoops are molded on (these were not glued on) and they cover the character vents. I have never been able to figure out which kit this came from. Any ideas? The chassis, interior and roll cage are from an original General Lee kit, the one released in the day (before the back seat was added.) The wheels are from the Dodge Monaco 2 door police car. I believe that was called Force 440. They just looked right to me. The rear wing is a resin item and the decals were JNJ. The rear window straps are just black pinstriping. The taillight cover and front spoiler are sheet plastic. I didn't have access to all the reference materials we now have and realize the taillight panel should have been black, but in honesty, I really like it in red. I have to admit, it was kinda cool rediscovering some of my youthful builds. Thanks for looking!
  16. A quick Google search indicated that this is the scene from Redline 7000. So...dunno.
  17. Maybe not what you are referring to, but that exact scenario happened in an episode of the Monkees TV show...
  18. Ah! Got it! Then how about these obscure and very diverse gems? There was a model kit of the car from Fireball 500. Rendezvous is just plain cool. Grandview USA is one of my favorites for lots of reasons. I would also suggest that (most of) the James Bond films are "car films". There have been several diecast "Cars of Bond" series produced, and let's face it, the reveal of the DB5 in Goldfinger is always a goosebumps moment.
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