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  1. East Coast 32 coupe

    The Olds Engine is done, wired and fuel lines installed. Frame has been painted, rear end installed and the front portion of the exhaust system has been chromed and installed. It's going together pretty good after paint, however, a few locating pins have snapped causing me to consider using metal pins for future builds.
  2. East Coast 32 coupe

    I'm finally getting into some paint with this thing. There's more chrome on this engine than in my last 3 projects combined. I fabricated a generator bracket and removed the molded fan belt and made one out of tape. I capped off the manual fuel pump with a finned breather cap from the Revell 40 street rod kit. The carb breathers are from the AMT 34 coupe. I was surprised at how well the Molotow chrome matched the kit chrome. Next step is plug wires and fuel lines.
  3. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build 10/19 Done

    I will have to agree with Rob. The original Ford black would be a more suitable color for a T.R.O.G. participant. The only flake or pearl paint at TROG would be on the custom cars in attendance.
  4. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build 10/19 Done

    That's a great tip Craig!
  5. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build 10/19 Done

    I don't mean to ruffle any feathers here, but I have not seen many Mexi blankets on the cars that participate at T.R.O.G. They are pretty strict regarding what you can run on the beach. A more authentic option would be to cut the seat away from the floor and doors and clean them up as separate units. More work, but glue bombs usually require alot of TLC.
  6. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    cool, thanks
  7. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    Yeah, thanks for looking though. I'm building a late 50s early 60s East Coast hot rod/show car
  8. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    late 50s, early 60s. I just need 1
  9. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    Hey guys, I've looked through my stash and can't find any North East license plate decals. I'm looking for any vintage style plates from New York, Penn., New England, etc. Thanks
  10. Anyone for 'T'?

    Nice build! I like the body mods in the rear around the quick change. I kind of want to see some scribed door lines, but you did a great job with the paint. Love those headers! nice work.
  11. East Coast 32 coupe

    I think I have resolved my grill/radiator issue. The 32 grill shell from the Rat Roaster kit allows the radiator to sit inside rather than stuck onto the shell. It looks more like the real thing and moves the radiator forward just enough for fan clearance. I made a radiator mounting tab by cutting an angled piece of styrene and filing the back of the radiator so it will fit flush. I still have to drill mounting holes and install small posts to finish the radiator assembly. Side Note: A fellow modeler sent me a Monogram 32 hood. Turns out I will not need it. It's a tad longer but the same width at the cowl and grill. Something to keep in mind for future projects.
  12. East Coast 32 coupe

    the engine assembly is still in pieces, so I can sand and shave as necessary to fit.
  13. East Coast 32 coupe

    good point about the grill shell against the frame. I will shave and sand that area to get the radiator and grill shell to fit better. In reality, the radiator should be inside the shell rather than outside of it anyway. I need to do some work there. Not sure what you mean about filing all mounting surfaces. I'm still tweaking the fan pulley to get the fan to sit back a little, otherwise the fan clears. barely.
  14. East Coast 32 coupe

    Hey guys, I have a hurdle I need to jump over here. After locating the body over the frame and positioning the radiator/grill shell, I'm noticing that the hood seems a bit short. I can't move the radiator back due to fan clearance and I don't want to angle the grill shell back to meet the hood. Have you guys had this issue before? how did you solve it?
  15. East Coast 32 coupe

    Update: I worked on the east coast coupe this weekend. I glued in the trunk lid, then took 2 hairpin radius rods from an old AMT 25 model T 3 in 1 kit and made a rear bumper/nerf bar with a license plate holder from the Revell 32 kit. I also roughly mocked up some tail light choices. Let me know which one you like: A: from the 48 Ford custom by Revell B: A La Kart by AMT. I'm not sure the make or model of either tail light so if you know, chime in.