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  1. East Coast 32 Coupe

    I have had good results. It's very glossy and goes down good. Check out Showtime Studios on YouTube. He has tutorials on this exact process.
  2. East Coast 32 Coupe

    Thank you. Yes, they are Tamiya rattle cans. I first used Tamiya white primer, then 2 coats of Tamiya gunmetal, then 2 coats of Tamiya Mica Red followed by 2 coats of Testors Wet Look Clear. I wet sanded the clear coat with 2800 grit then used the 3 step Tamiya polishing compounds (course, fine, finish) with a soft cloth. I warmed the cans before spraying in a can of hot water for about 5 min.
  3. East Coast 32 Coupe

    Thanks! The wheels and tires are from the Revell Tweedy Pie Reissue. The wheel covers are 53 Caddy items found in the Revell 48 Ford custom kit
  4. East Coast 32 coupe

    I finished this one just in time for the NNL show in Atlanta this Saturday. More pics and a full parts list are posted in the Under Glass section
  5. East Coast 32 Coupe

    This is a 32 5 window coupe I have been working on for a while. I tried to replicate the late 50s, early 60s East Coast style similar to what you would have seen in the "little pages" and features in the magazines. A clean show rod with a little bling. Parts List: Body: Revell 32 5 window Grill/Shell: Revell Rat Roaster 32 Ford Front nerf bar: Revell Tweedy Pie rear bumper Rear nerf bar: scratctch built from 2 hairpin radius rods from AMT 25 Ford Firewall: Revell Rat Roaster 32 Ford Frame: Revell 32 with 48 X member, rear cross member, Tweedy Pie rear radius rods Wheels and Tires: Revell Tweedy Pie big and little whitewalls, steel rims, Caddy wheel covers (from the Revell 48 Ford custom) Cycle fenders: Revell Tweedy Pie Rear end: Revell 48 ford Front end: Revell 32 (tubular dropped axle, cross steer) Engine: Revell 50 Olds 303 w/ 3 carb set up. scratch built fan belt, fuel lines, prewired distributor Exhaust: Scratch built cut outs and caps, Revell 50 Olds mufflers, scratch built rear exhaust, Revell 48 ford exhaust tips Dash: 40 Ford (from Revell 32 kit) Steering wheel: 50 Olds Seats: ?? Tuck and roll buckets from parts box (maybe AMT Willys??) Paint: Body:Tamiya Mica Red over Tamiya Gunmetal base coat. Testors Wet Look Clear top coat. Wheels & Engine: Testors one coat Pure Gold Chrome: mix of kit chrome and Molotow pen
  6. East Coast 32 coupe

    I got the body painted and polished this weekend. I'm on the home stretch now. I'll admit, painting and polishing is not my strong suit but the Tamiya products make it a little easier for those of us without an airbrush. Paint is Tamiya Mica Red over Tamiya Gunmetal with a top coat of Testors Wet Look Clear. Polished with the Tamiya compounds.
  7. '32 Channeled Nailhead Roadster UPDATED 11/7/18

    Nice! I love the progress. Those black headers are sweet!
  8. East Coast 32 coupe

    I'm kinda on the home stretch with this thing. I'm using the 40 dash provided in the Revell 5 window kit and the 50 Olds steering wheel. Those Oldsmobile steering wheels are a work of art! I tried replicating the cool center section as best as I could. Also, a little sneak peek at the body color. Tamiya Mica Red over Gunmetal. I'm in the midst of painting the body now, so a final update should be around the corner.
  9. East Coast 32 coupe

    The Olds Engine is done, wired and fuel lines installed. Frame has been painted, rear end installed and the front portion of the exhaust system has been chromed and installed. It's going together pretty good after paint, however, a few locating pins have snapped causing me to consider using metal pins for future builds.
  10. East Coast 32 coupe

    I'm finally getting into some paint with this thing. There's more chrome on this engine than in my last 3 projects combined. I fabricated a generator bracket and removed the molded fan belt and made one out of tape. I capped off the manual fuel pump with a finned breather cap from the Revell 40 street rod kit. The carb breathers are from the AMT 34 coupe. I was surprised at how well the Molotow chrome matched the kit chrome. Next step is plug wires and fuel lines.
  11. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build 10/19 Done

    I will have to agree with Rob. The original Ford black would be a more suitable color for a T.R.O.G. participant. The only flake or pearl paint at TROG would be on the custom cars in attendance.
  12. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build 10/19 Done

    That's a great tip Craig!
  13. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build 10/19 Done

    I don't mean to ruffle any feathers here, but I have not seen many Mexi blankets on the cars that participate at T.R.O.G. They are pretty strict regarding what you can run on the beach. A more authentic option would be to cut the seat away from the floor and doors and clean them up as separate units. More work, but glue bombs usually require alot of TLC.
  14. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    cool, thanks
  15. Wanted: NY or Penn. plates

    Yeah, thanks for looking though. I'm building a late 50s early 60s East Coast hot rod/show car