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  1. Dave D added a post in a topic Time Machine Resin   

    Well, I have to say this. The parts that I ordered 15 months ago that never arrived, all the e-mails I sent that were ignored, all that changed yesterday. I received a box in the mail that had all the parts I ordered ! Don't know what changed, and can't say I have confidence in the guy, but I am obligated to inform you guys that I got my stuff. Good luck to you, hope you get what you paid for too !
  2. Dave D added a post in a topic 1948 Studebaker M16 Racecar hauler..for my Studebaker C/Gasser   

    Absolutely stunning !
  3. Dave D added a post in a topic ROD SHOP DEMON AND CHALLENGER   

    Well done !
  4. Dave D added a post in a topic Time Machine Resin   

    He stole my money too ! He has ignored me for over a year. He best pray that we never cross paths.
  5. Dave D added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Anyone make a flat hood (non SS) for the Revell '69 Camaro ?
    I am looking for 2 non SS flat hoods for the Revell 1969 Camaro. Anyone know where I can get one ? Don't tell me Time Machine Resin. I ordered one from him a year ago, never got it !
    He stole my money.
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  6. Dave D added a post in a topic '50 Olds fastback...any market?   

    Does anyone have any contact info for Tom Coolidge ? I'd love to buy one of these '50 Olds Fastback bodies, but do not know how to contact him. Anyone ?
  7. Dave D added a post in a topic Satellite body   

    Greg Fox does indeed cast a 1/25 Satellite body. Just bought one a few weeks ago. You can buy direct or catch him on eBay. eBay user name... greg_anne
  8. Dave D added a post in a topic Where can I buy the January 2012 Issue of MCM ?   

    Thanks for the info Greg... got what I was after.
  9. Dave D added a topic in General   

    Where can I buy the January 2012 Issue of MCM ?
    Can't find it in local hobby shops. Don't see it available at the MCM web site ??????
    Any leads ?
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  10. Dave D added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury AWB...   

    Started as a Johan Police car. Converted to 2 dr. sedan, then moved the rear wheel wells forward to where I thought it looked right. Shortened a Lindberg '64 Dodge chassis and removed the molded in gas tank. Scratch built rear leaf springs, hangers, shocks & shackles. Scratch built front axle, spindles, shocks & tie rod and made poseable.

    Interior started as the Johan police car tub, cut out the floor. Put in the floor from the AMT '62 Impala. Scratched the shifter, steering column, tach, seat belts, all roll bar parts except main hoop. Windshield & rear window are vacuum formed clear, sprayed with Tamiya Clear Blue, side windows are .010" blue sheet from the hobby shop.

    Engine is Hemi from AMT B-body kit, resin valve covers, resin intake manifold (modified), oil pan from the S & M 'Cuda, Dist. & cap from RMCM, resin fuel pump, scratch built coil, fuel block, injector fuel lines, ect... Headers are AMT/scratch. Trans is Comp Resins 727, with the pan sanded off & installed a Polar Lights F/C pan. Rear slicks are from Polar Lights F/C, wheels are from Drag City Casting (rear), and A/FX N (front).

    Paint is from MCW ('68 Chrysler Hawiian Blue), decals from Special Appearance Decals, & Slixx. Hood pins are sewing needles.

    The headlites are drilled out and I placed .010" blue PVC discs behind.

    I sanded off the trim around the windows, as I elected NOT to foil the trim. I think it makes the car look lighter without it.
    It seems natural that this is the way it would have been built if done for real.
  11. Dave D added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Bantam Altered...
    I built this way back around 1997 if memory serves me correctly...

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  12. Dave D added a post in a topic '68 Plymouth Fury AWB...   

    Thanks for the kind comments gentlemen. The windshield & rear window are tinted with Tamiya Clear Blue, the side windows are blue tinted PVC from Midwest. I gave the chrome trim a lot of thought before I painted it, and decided that I prefered that it look like the trim was deleted. I think it makes the car look "lighter" with out chrome if you know what I mean... Here are some additional pics...

  13. Dave D added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    '68 Plymouth Fury AWB...
    Recent completion... Hope you like, thanks for looking. Any & all opinions welcome.

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  14. Dave D added a post in a topic Altered States Models   

    Here is the Altered States '40 Willy's PU, and '40 coupe. Top quality stuff, and dealing with Chuck at Altered States is always a pleasure.