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  1. Started building 57 Ford converting to convertible (AMT) Are any resin or 3D guys making this top Thanks
  2. I'm using the instruction sheet from Pennzoil Firebird kit and pictures from the net
  3. I don't think this was a popular body style or kit. You are correct about W.J. and his Firenza. I went with the old scoop because it went with the looks of the body better than the current pro stocks. The body is actually from a promo model that I found on ebay
  4. Computer magic? Got another pic to load
  5. Tried to upload more pics but kept getting upload failed message. Even tried starting new thread still got up load failed
  6. Matthijs It's a custom technique used on cars called marbleizing . I sprayed the car silver then masked and painted the black then masked off the black and applied a mist coat of black onto the silver then quickly laid a piece of saran wrap on the wet paint and pulled it off. Plenty of videos on you tube of how it's done on a real car Thanks again for looking and your comment Dennis
  7. Olds pro stock I just finished https://www.snapfish.com/photo-gift/share?via=link&token=TQdOMzhvPelEj2lElivR4w/AUS/27947259783070/SNAPFISH Thanks for looking
  8. https://www.snapfish.com/photo-gift/share?via=link&token=TQdOMzhvPelEj2lElivR4w/AUS/27947253739070/SNAPFISH.Couldn't get pic to upload from album. Hope this works
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