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  1. Ok. Painted the "underbody"? When with Createx iridesscent yellow over createx white. Same with wheel backings. Got to stop for awhile , need to work on a "Contest" car
  2. Don't know, but beautiful paint job!
  3. Same here. No more cussing over knocked over jars!
  4. Anybody tell me why my pictures are coming out so big???? Drives me insane
  5. Yup! Broke one of them. Seems to be a problem , that and the rocker panels so now I re-enforced them right at the start
  6. That to re-do the hinges on the doors. Now using smaller wire and brass tubing
  7. Super build so far....will be watching!
  8. Next I saw this somewhere, maybe here in the forum. Can't remember, senile. Anyways the top to a rattle can, or that least Rustoleum, has a center perfect for those little square Testor's bottles we all have a million of. Just cut the outside down to the same size as the center. Also cut down a plain cap for the Tamiya and Master Modeler's paint jars. To stop those nasty "knock overs" we do. Hope it helps someone
  9. Just got a couple of things I found or saw. First one is a trip to Dollar Tree. Found these paint thingys, great for mixing small amounts of paint for details Also a cutting board to keep from cutting on my desk. Being from Dollar Tree, they're a dollar each
  10. Yes. Scale Auto. Gonna miss it. It was a good magazine
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