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  1. Working on the door jams now. Then should be able to paint the body
  2. Got mine today. Been waiting like a kid at Christmas!
  3. LOL, wow, I didn't notice! Give me a break. I'm old and senile. LOL
  4. Care to tell me how? I really would appreciate the info.
  5. OK, I open the doors and trunks on what I build. My question does anybody how to make the door jams look good. You can't spray paint in that area, (i don't think), But I need to get rid of the gap between the interior frame and the door.
  6. Well, thank you. Think about doing the interior in yellow and black
  7. Thanks Steve. Appreciate it. Watch the others coming behind this one. Doing more and more on each one. Going to get better, I hope, with each one. I do them in an "assembly line" type build, so I don't get in a hurry or too frustrated with one.
  8. Just looking at this one. Gonna do some work on the interior. Just realized when it's done no one will see the oil filter. I like my oil filter. Rats!
  9. Yup. Gonna be a chick car. Not much else you can do with a '62 T-bird convertiblešŸ˜
  10. First attempt at painting figures. No, I really haven't started the painting yet. Got to do some putty work first on her. It's the "Dangerous Curves" Series, "Claire" Need to get good at it before I get to a build that will have five in it.
  11. Super28

    Custom Decals

    Anybody know someone who can make custom decals? Can't print white on my printer for white decals unless someone knows how to do that. Thanks
  12. Wow. Thanks. Appreciate that!
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