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  1. Steve. Where did you get the wheels from? Perfect mags!
  2. Ok, shot it with Gravity paint. Gonna let it sit a couple of days before I put clear on it. Last shot for Gravity before I dump it like a bad habit!
  3. Going to stop here for alittle while.
  4. Finished cutting out doors and trunk
  5. Cutting the trunk out I knocked off a part that sticks out.Glued it back on and reinforced both sides with a small piece of plastic channel
  6. Thank you. I question my sanity
  7. Well, had to stop on the '60 Starliner before it got kicked "through the goal posts of life.Going to start on #5, Lindberg 1964 Plymouth Belvedere. Looks like its going to be a pain to open the doors and trunk. BUT, going to keep it up until I get good at it!
  8. Hey, you're the one I got the reminder from I put over my work bench!
  9. Going with a bright yellow exterior and a light yellow and white interior. plans may change
  10. Sanding down reinforcement and checking to make sure frame fits without bowing the body out
  11. Rustoleum Silver from a rattle can with Tamyia clear blue through a airbrush
  12. Alittle more work on the '60 Starliner. Experience has taught me to reinforce the rocker panels on these I put opening doors on so they don't break in two. If you didn't/don't know this, take note. They break real easy once you cut the doors out!
  13. Put some primer on the body. Got a bunch of work to do on it. ......later
  14. Threw some primer on the Challenger. Raining here with out clearing out anytime soon. Set aside , get back to it later
  15. Ok, Thanks. I'll give it a try next time I change out my bucket
  16. Steve. thanks, Yeah, I was kidding about the acetone. i did that to a '49 Ford body. Kept it as a reminder of what acetone does. I prefer lacquer myself because of the drying time. I'm going to use tamyia Primer to seal the body, and it doesn't seem to be as thick as other primers. Going to take my time and paint it when i get ready and feel like it. PS. Whats the cost of super clean and where do you get it?
  17. Ok. Dumped it in the "Purple Pond", (Purple Power cleaner), over night. Going to use a q-tip and lacquer thinner to clear it up the rest of the way. Sand it down, primer it, scuff the primer and try painting it again! Going with "Plum Crazy" from Galaxy paint. See what happens! (But not right now)
  18. I use only Tamiya rattle can primer. Regular primer is too thick for me
  19. Ok made new rocker panel on right side. Re-enforce rockers on both sides, (will do this first on all models I open the doors on from now on). And I glued the windshield post with some "Extreme Power" glue, "Thick" . Will let this dry a couple of days and then try to sand it to right shape. If that doesn't work, I'll have to re-enforce it with stock and work around the new thickness of the plastic in that area.
  20. Well, BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! Started to work on this one again but the right rocker panel is gone and the right windshield post is broke. Gotta fix those first!
  21. Agreed. Going to try on the T-bird to see how it works
  22. Well, got the door jams done and hinged the hood. Put it aside for now, irritating me. Move on to #3 '69 SC/Rambler
  23. Going to start my first NASCAR kit in 20 or 30 years. This was given to me, so here goes Ray! This is a start
  24. Nope, dulled out and got rough. Decided that maybe there was too much stripping and repainting so I bought a new 1970 Challenger to paint. This time instead of decanted Testor's Plum Crazy enamel I went with Gravity lacquer . Nope , same thing! What is going on??? Stripping them both down again and going to retry! One on the left is Testor's decanted enamel and one on right is Gravity lacquer . Any ideas? Oh, both had two coats of clear enamel from a rattle can. Never had this problem before.
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