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  1. How do I get my cars in the magazine? I build full detail slot cars. I built my prototype flip top funny car, the 84 Blue Max in 2010. Just recently I got back into building. I've built a few more full detail funny cars, and a flip nose 40 Ford panel truck with a full interior and model frame.
  2. It's actually for sale. I do have 2 more flip top funny cars I'm working on and my flip nose 40 Ford.
  3. THIS is coming out of moth balls to be finished!
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I do use the ol rusty Explorer and I do post a lot when I am working on a project. I do have a Photobucket that I quit using when I had problems uploading photos to this site. I used to be able to copy and paste the image code into the reply to see the pic. If it won't cost me anything I will try to get Chrome if that will fix my problem.
  5. I have a thread in "slot cars" on my 40 Ford flip nose rod. For some reason I can not upload new pictures. I have tried from my laptop and my phone, and I have tried the new and old uploaders. It says that my files are too large but they are from the same photo folder on the laptop, and the same gallery folder on my phone that I have already posted pictures from. Something has changed and it isn't me.
  6. Are you going to make resin copies of the reworked body?
  7. The organist is actually a bobble head Hallmark ornament. Though I haven't ever seen a Halloween tree! lol the eyelet for the hook is in the sheet music book. It says 2002 on it. He's been sitting next to a Christine for years.
  8. That looks sweet! What type of headlights are you going to use in the grille, the stock ones or maybe round ones? Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. Is the grille a throw away piece? It's what i need for my "Extreme Custom Merc".
  9. Thanks! I'm happy I finished a build in just 2 months.
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