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  1. Hello, There is very little reference on the car I'm doing. For some reason, the 1949 French Grand Prix is very well documented and so are the English race and others. But not the Belgium GP. So after extensive research online, this is my estimation on how the pedals may have looked on Rosier's T26C. This is based on hours of research of period pictures, restored cars and road going T26 Talbots. By the way, you can barely see this anyways. The stick is not the gear selector. These cars used Wilson pre-select transmissions. That lever is to select forward, neutral or reverse. Also worked on the seat to give it some texture and life. Thanks,
  2. Hi Christian, This started out as a 1/24 diecast which was heavily modified. Thanks,
  3. Hello, Still a long way to go but the grille is starting to take shape. Thanks,
  4. Thank you all! I don't have an ultrasonic cleaning machine but that sounds very interesting and promising. I'll check around for one of those. I will start with the freezer method and see how far it goes. I'll keep you updated on the progress. Thanks!
  5. Hello, Inspired by Pascal's beautiful Bugatti Type35B, I want to build one. The problem is that the only "affordable" 1/24 model is the old Monogram kit and it is going for ridiculous prices unbuilt. So I gambled and bought a "started but complete" kit. I thought it would be partially glued or some parts painted. However, I just received it and it is almost completely assembled! It seems to be fairly carefully and nicely glued together, but not painted. I can see why this is popular. It is a gorgeous kit! I'm here wondering how to carefully take it apart. Any ideas? Thanks,
  6. Hello, Second tip drilled. Also scribed between them for separation. Thanks,
  7. Hello, Working some sink marks after re-shaping and cleaning the grille opening as per references. The exhaust is molded solid as expected. No real place where I could split and use aluminum tubing. So I'm just carefully drilling the tips. One almost done, the other still untouched. This makes a big difference. Thanks,
  8. Hello, Test: Do you see a 1949 Talbot Lago transmission hump in this picture? No? Wait, how about now? Thanks,
  9. Hello, A friend put me in contact with Herb Deeks. I'll let you know how it goes as he is not as active as he was. So, what do you call a stylized piece of styrene with a little hole in it? a dashboard It fits properly. It is just the the weight of the steering wheel crooked it a bit as it is not glued in place yet. Thanks,
  10. Hello, Saw the engine set on indycals. It looks great but I'll pass this time. Most likely I'll glue the hood shut to simplify this project. I did order the decals for Rosier's Belgian GP winning car. The wheels are a big no-no. I will most likely use a set of Deeks PE wire wheels. Fernando Pinto wire wheels seem to be the best option but they are pricey. Trying to keep this one "simple", whatever that means Thanks,
  11. Hello, Remember when I said it was going to be a quick build with no modifications? I don't like the kit's windshield and will eventually make my own. Thanks,
  12. Hello, A bit more progress: A lot more tweaking needed but moving. Thanks,
  13. Hello, Cleaned the body halves, hood and nose of considerable flash. Prepared the body halves and gluing. (Feels so good to glue styrene!) Hood fit needs help. Added material to improve fit. That will take some fiddling around but no big deal. Started working seam lines. Thanks,
  14. Hello, Inspired by Pascal's exquisite Bugatti build over at Motorsports forum, I pulled this from the stash. Let's be honest: I just want to do something blue This is the Atlantis reissue of the very old Smer/Merit kit. This kit was originally released in the 1950's. It is a very basic and crude kit by today's standards and it does not lend itself to super-detailing unless you scratchbuild and replace everything. I'm not in the mood for that on this car. Besides, I'm far from been knowledgeable on these cars. So it will be an exercise in the basics. I'm promising myself to refrain from going wild. From the research I've done I want to make it as the 1949 Belgian Grand Prix winner driven by Louis Rosier. Louis Chiron won the 1949 French Grand Prix in one of these cars as well. This will be a long term project. This is all there is to it. Very basic. Even the tires are molded in plastic. As previously stated, I'm not an expert on these cars. But the proportions look good. This will take some work to make fit properly. Let's see where this goes! Thanks,
  15. Hi Ken! I know I'm very late to this party but I am about to start on this kit. Nice job on a beautiful car and a beautiful color combo! Thanks,
  16. Thank you all for the comments! Really appreciate! Also glad to see many old friends I haven't seen in a long time! Thanks,
  17. Very nice! I built a few of those decades ago. I think only one survives Thanks,
  18. Very nice job in a very unusual color out of the ordinary!
  19. Finished and posted Under glass! Thanks!
  20. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Presenting... my 2020... Rapid Blue... Mid engine... C8 Corvette! [crowd cheers as lights turn on to a vibrant rock music tune!] (Opps, the right tire is sticking out in this pic. that has been corrected) Ok, I'm glad this is over. As I have said countless times already, this car is so nice it deserves a proper scale model. But I'm not holding my breath. The truth is that this is still a sow's ear of a cheap toy with mediocre fit and details. Having this been a proper model I would probably have done a proper Z51 with 3LT blue or tan interior. The paint job is far from perfect but I wanted this finished badly as I was loosing interest due to its shortcomings. Mods include tons of bodywork, added mirror faces, valve stems, license plate, inspection sticker, seatbelts etc. Paint is Scalefinishes authentic C8 Rapid Blue lacquer with 500 series clear Tinted windshield and rear engine cover to disguise the poor interior All black trim was hand painted (a royal pain in the...) as it is all molded in What do you think? Thanks,
  21. Hello, Interior is nothing to write home about. So I painted black and tinted the glass to hide it as much as possible. Added seatbelts. I better hurry because the more I work on this the more I dislike it... This beautiful car deserves a proper scale model. Thanks,
  22. Hello, WOW! It WAS 3 years since last update! That makes this a simple 6 years project! But it is finally FINISHED!!! I started this in 2015 but it was until 2021 it was finished. Modified Hot Wheels Salt Shaker. I originally cut open the engine covers but glued them back to speed up the project. Scratchbuilt canopy, rear wing with supports and parachute. Machined parachute tube. Paint is 1956 Chevrolet Nassau blue (one of the many colors with that name). Gotta have a Chevy connection somewhere and the spoiler picture................ Thanks,
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