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  1. No. This is the town of Quebradillas, Puerto Rico. Thank you all! Trying to see if I can get a bigger scan of the picture with cars at a distance in the left. Thanks, Ismael
  2. Hello gang! I'm working with old photographs for a local project. One of the tasks is identifying a timeframe. Here is an example: Identified as 1900 On more recent pictures, Can you help confirm the years of these vehicles? Is this a '66 Impala? 1971 Datsun? '64 Chevy truck in the back? Ford truck in the middle? Cars on the left are too small. 1967 International Loadstar? What about the roofline of the car in front of the building? Bonus: Are these horses 1898 model years? 🙂 This pic was researched to be from 1898, same street Thanks, Ismael
  3. Hello, This one is FINISHED! Honestly, there was really not much interest in this subject in any of the 4 forums I posted it in so I skipped the last few updates. The canopy was a whole project in itself. The cockpit rotates gyroscopically to maintain orientation regardless of the position of the ship (which makes little sense in space as there is no up or down...) Here is the snap toy from 1983. Took it out for a spin. "Locked S-Foils in Attack Position" Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew! KABOOM! Hope you like it. Thanks, Ismael
  4. Hello, Getting closer to the finish. Lots of fun hand painting this guy: Added an escape T handle, canopy rails, targeting computer, 2 control sticks, a display screen, cabin lights... Painted and detailed the blaster guns An idea on size: Thanks, Ismael
  5. Hello, I understand this topic is not the cup of tea of the forum but I hope you can at least pickup some ideas or get your curiosity going. Now, each one of these is lethal. But all four in a vehicle? That's carrying a punch! Thanks, Ismael
  6. Hello, Started the weathering. You can see the untouched body compared to the wings in process. In process, but you get the idea. Thanks, Ismael
  7. Hello, First burst of color! Two days of masking for 10 minutes of airbrushing. The flat white base is actually primer that was slightly sanded. The gray is Humbrol enamel. Love those little tin cans! The roundels are Corvette (Chevrolet) engine red. There has to be a Corvette reference somewhere! The roundels are not decals. I cut my own in Tamiya wide masking tape. I insist the scheme looks like a japanese zero from WWII, but that's what the references indicate. The weathering should tone down a bit the searing red. Thanks, Ismael
  8. Thank you guys! Simon, by all means your feedback is greatly appreciated! I am still struggling with that canopy. I do have another idea I want to try next. Fortunately, the canopy is separated from the rest of the build so everything else can progress separately. Thanks, Ismael
  9. Hello, This model has no "landing gear". Let's not forget this is an MPC snap tite model from 1983 designed to be assembled quickly to play with. So, taking a bit of an artistic license and inspired by the X-wing landing gear, I came up with this: You are looking at 2 days of work here. Aluminum, brass, plastic and lots of determination. Test fitted: Minor tweaking still needed but getting there. Just to put it in perspective: I have to say I'm happy with it so far. Finally, I machined these 2 washer like thingies for a precision tight fit and pinned the front plate. But wait, there's more! If you are going to be a blaster, be a BLASTER! I think I am getting closer to paint and assembly. Thanks, Ismael
  10. Hello, Kit's original design vs my way. The kit calls for the wings to be assembled into the swing axle. That is a problem to work seams and make sure the wings are smooth. So I re-engineered the kit to finish the wings first, then mount on the swing axle. First, the front plate needs to be removed Kit's original instructions: My re-design: Thanks, Ismael
  11. Hello, Thanks Tom! So this part goes at the bottom of the ship. It is supposed to represent another cannon like that ones on the wings and the broken part was supposed to be a Heavy Laser Cannon which is actually longer than the regular cannon. It is also missing the Precision Targeting Laser. Sh*t is getting serious! This sucker is carrying quite a heavy punch! They are out of alignment as these are not fixed in position yet. They'll be straight in the final product. Thanks, Ismael
  12. Hello, SW7A Cannons with their respective Precision Targeting Lasers. (Not yet fixed in place so not perfectly aligned yet) Don't let the beauty fool you. This is a lethal weapons platform. Need to remove the molded ones from the other wing. I think you can tell the difference, can you? Canopy design #9, modified autoblaster Thanks, Ismael
  13. Hello, Can you tell the difference between the box stock and my scratchbuilt brass and aluminum Precision Targeting Laser? It is about 10mm long. The challenge now is to do 2 more identical ones.Also modified the GH72 Autoblaster After the PTLs the real fun will begin: Making 3 SW-7A Ion Cannons...Thanks,Ismael
  14. Hello, So I'm doing my own canopy. This has proven to be quite a challenge at this scale. This is design/attempt # 5 or 6. Quite possibly not the final one. The tape strips are for visibility as these clear parts are INVISIBLE when dropped or when they decide to fly across the bench.Other than heavily modifying the parts, everything in white is added material.The wire is part of the canopy support. I'll make something out of it like a heads up display or something to disguise it.The rear section was glued and reworked the seams. The raised details were sanded down and I re-scribed them as recessed panel lines. To disguise a very ugly seam in the back, I made up this added details.The cockpit front and rear parts were separated to be worked independently. Afterwards they can be joined back together.Why? So the main fuselage can be glued together and the seams worked WITHOUT the cockpit, and have it installed afterwards.And I am only halfway on step 1, of a simple snap tite kit Thanks,Ismael
  15. Thank you Simon! I've been following your amazing SD in this forum. Incredible work! The B wing was supposed to be a more prominent ship in the movies (Return of the Jedi), but it had technical problems with the thin wings disappearing on the blue screen when filming. Thanks, Ismael
  16. Hello, Sorry I've been away so long. Been super busy with work, family, cameras and life in general. I was out of the country most of July. This is so out of the box you need a telescope to see the box. I am a big Star Wars fan ever since I saw the first movie in 1978 as a kid. Huge fan is an understatement. It is funny as I don't like sci-fi much. I don't even like movies. Haven't been to a movie theater in about 3 years (since Star Wars Episode 9).Anyways, as an engineer, 2 of the things I like the most are ships and droids. However, for some reason I haven't build that many Star Wars models. Only 2 in all these years. A recent trip to the Star Wars Disney park rekindled my life long interest.So back home, I started checking the current plastic model offerings. Vintage kits are ridiculous in prices. Currently, Bandai is making plastic models of the series. But while browsing eBay, I came across this:A prebuilt and broken old MPC B-Wing Starfighter. I had to rescue it. This model dates back from the early 80's. This will give you an idea on the size.The canopy is missing and all cannons are broken. It seems it was put together in a hurry, maybe by a kid to play with. Nothing wrong with that.Fortunately, it is a snap together kit and no glue was used. While quite a challenge, I was able to get it apart.Typical soft styrene from the '80s that made me eventually hate AMT. Let's say the fit has some challenges...This will be tackled in several phases. First: The cockpit. The unique cockpit of this ship rotates 360 degrees so the pilot can stay properly oriented. But that means it needs to be assembled and installed before the 2 main body halves are joined. No way to address mold lines that way. I'll re-engineer the kit.Rusty Trusty is back!!!!Stay tuned as this will be a long term project (like all of mine).Thanks,Ismael
  17. Hello, Sorry for the late reply as I was out of the country for a while. I really appreciate all your comments! I'm very glad you like it! I'm humbled. Thanks! Ismael
  18. Hi Todd, The oldest mags I have are 101, 104 and 109. I'll keep my eyes open if I find the one you need. Thanks, Ismael
  19. Yes! I was able to get it thru Gregg! Thank you! I'm out of town but let me dig. Not sure if I get that far back to #80. I think all of mine are triple digits. Thanks, Ismael
  20. Hello, This model is FINISHED and has been posted here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/172311-ladies-and-gentlemen-the-talbot-lago-t26c-winner-of-the-1949-belgian-grand-prix/ Thank you all for your support! Thanks, Ismael
  21. Hello, Finally, my first completion of 2022 and the first one in a long time! 1949 BELGIAN GRAND PRIX WINNER TALBOT LAGO T26C Car: Talbot Lago T26C Engine: Naturally Aspirated 4.5 liters straight six Gearbox: Four speed Wilson preselector Chassis number: 110-001 Driver: Louis Rosier Race: 1949 Belgian Grand Prix Track: Spa-Francorchamps Sanctioning body: Formula A (eventually Formula 1) Date: June 19, 1949 Qualified: 7th Time: 3:15:17.7 Average speed: 96.82 MPH This race was won on fuel management and strategy as Louis Rosier did not have to stop for fuel or tires. While faster, other cars like the Ferraris and Maseratis were thirsty and relentless on tires, requiring pit stops. Ferrari finished 2nd, 3rd and 4th. Out in the sun in my own private track I started with the Smer/Merit kit reissued by Atlantis. This humble kit dates back to the 1950's. At the end, pretty much everything was modified. Only part of the rear suspension and the steering wheel are basically unmodified kit's parts. There are 105 louvers in this car. how do I know? I had 105 battles with them. I wanted to represent a nice preserved car but not a show car. This is a race car. Very subtle weathering. Modifications: Herb Deeks PE wheels on modified kit's tires Indycals decals Replaced molded grille with mesh unit Drilled exhaust tips Modified seat Modified front suspension Scratchbuilt gas cap, windshield, Pre-selector shifter, dash, gauges, transmission hump, pedals, windshield, front linkages, hood hold down straps, brake lines, radiator cap, valve stems, etc. Many other modifications to mention. Here is a link to the progress thread: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/160824-1949-talbot-lago-t26c-belgium-gp-winner/ Hope you like it! Your comments are always appreciated. Thanks, Ismael
  22. Stunning! Thanks for sharing with us this beautiful model of a beautiful car.
  23. Very nice work on one of the most beautiful and lethal race cars of all time.
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