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  1. 3 minutes ago, iamsuperdan said:

    I some ideas.

    1.       1:1 Ownership – build must be of something YOU have owned. Not something in the family or something your neighbor had, etc. Something YOU owned. Need pics of the real thing included in your submission, preferably a pic of you with the vehicle.

    2.       Movie Car Inception – must build a movie car out of a movie car. For example, turning a DeLorean into KITT. Or turning Christine into the General Lee. Or The A-Team van into Ecto-1. Ecto 1 into Wayne Campbell’s Mirthmobile?

    3.       Rockin’ and Rollin’ – music inspired build. Tour bus? Equipment van? Limo? Tribute vehicle? Mad Max guitar truck thing? Something music-related.

    Although I will not be involved in this next years CBR, I will occasionaly poke my head in and wave.

    A note on the CBR theme. The isn't just a theme build off. You must build a car that is capable of and that you would want to do a 3000 mile race in. Keep that in mind. 

  2. To help. Here are the themes for the last twelve runs. For those with a year, the builds were restricted to the technology of that year.

    2008 (SA) - Unlimited

    2009 (SA) - Unlimited

    2010 (SA) - Route 66

    2011 (SA) - 30th Anniversary - 1981

    2012 (MCM) - American Graffiti - 1962

    2013 (MCM) - Unlimited

    2014 (MCM) - 1979 (honoring Brock Yates final run)

    2015 (MCM) - Sleepers (our most popular run to date)

    2016 (MCM) - Australia (on and off road)

    2017 (MCM) - Unlimited

    2018 (MCM) – Inline Engines

    2019 (MCM) - Vans/Panel Trucks

  3. For me it's builders who put in a lot of time to scratch build and customize and add detail, but do it poorly. Not from lack of skill though, but becasue they are in a rush. Visible glue joints. Places where two tubes meet but theres been no attempt at cleaning up the joint to make it smooth. What good is all that extra work if you don't have the basics of clean model building down? 

  4. 27 minutes ago, MeatMan said:


    Thanks for doing this for so long Rob. It's been a good run (no pun intended).

    So are quite welcome Dennis. I have had some help over the years and some other folks have run it a couple of times, when I was busy. It's been appreciated. It has been fun. Who knows, in a few years maybe I'll have some time and some inspiration and I'll kick it off again. Odds are, its not the end of the CBR, but more of a hiatus. 😁

  5. 23 hours ago, 3men2s said:

    One day looking at cars in the internet, I ran into a page STANCE WORKS. There I saw a Porsche 934 that I recognized from my youth.

    Very cool work. I like it a lot. Some really neat things come out of that Stanceworks. I've recenly seen Mike Burroughs Model A, and I'm planning a build based on it.

  6. That's all folks. Thus ends the 2019 Cannonball Run Community Build. 

    As Mike said, please get your completed builds onto the other thread so that the poll can start. I'll leave it to Mike's discretion how long he wants to wait. Mike has been running our poll for the last 4 or 5 runs and he does an excellent job. With so few finished builds, it should be easier than usual.

  7. I have a 40 mile one way commute to work with 13 of them on gravel roads. If I can find an reliable, affordable electric truck with 4x4 capability for when it snows, to start cutting into my $200+ monthy gasoline bill, I'll buy one no matter how it looks. I am gonna beat the heck out it though.

  8. Racers, as it sits, Dec 1 falls on a Sunday. Losing a build day after a holiday is unthinkable, so I'm going to go ahead and extend the CBR until the 2nd, a Monday. That's the deadline. If you are doing the last minute thing, which I personally have never done 😄, this should help. After the deadline, lets get any completed builds over to the finished builds thread so our esteemed Lunajammer can get the poll going.

  9. Ryan, if we are going to officially start this as a CBP, you might want to either edit the first post and thread title to say so, or start a new thread altogether, and let everyone know exactly what you are looking for in this build off. Any build rules, dates, requirements etc. I've run a few of these, both successfully and unsuccessfully. 

    For instance, can I join with my half done Chevy dually or are you looking for new builds only?

  10. On 11/21/2019 at 7:52 AM, Ramfins59 said:

    I received my issue in yesterday's mail (11/20).  If I may comment...  I wasn't thrilled with the pictures of John Teresi's models, or some of the ones at GSLXXVII.  While the models themselves were great, I thought that, while the dark overall look of the pictures may have been a bit "artsy", they detracted from clearly seeing the models and their details.... Just "my humble opinion."  Aside from that, it was great to have a new issue in my hands again and I look forward to more.  Thanks Gregg.

    I'm no photographer so I can't say for certain, I can certainly vouch that when Gregg took the photos, they looked marvelous on his camera LCD. Perhaps it has more to do with the printing than the photography. But, if you check out the GSL group photo, it too is dark, so who can say.

  11. On 11/23/2019 at 5:41 PM, Casey said:

    I'll nominate the 1/24 Monogram Revell '37 Ford Coupe kit for a gasser project:

    Well I'd agree that it's possible, but it's not a gasser kit per se, that is, straight from the box. Unless you've inside info at Revell? 😁

    But I do think it would make a great gasser. Being 1/24 it's a bit problematic but not insurmountable. 



  12. 1 hour ago, Jim N said:

    I do not kitbash.  

    Now that is a unique statement. I've never heard a modeler say that before. That's not a criticism, just an observation. A unique perspective, but based on the cost of whatever kits you build, an understandable one I suppose. Frankly I couldn't build models without doing so. I look at a kit as just a box of material. 

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