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  1. On 7/21/2019 at 1:28 PM, oldcarfan said:

    I'm declaring my entry finished. This Westie is powered by a Subaru WRX engine in order to get it up to the speeds needed to be competitive. She comes with a full load of electronic surveillance gear should allow it to keep up with any sticky issues and her three person crew is seated in comfort in Porsche seats. She is running lightweight wheels and Pirelli Centurato tires. She has two Cibie fog lights and an LED light bar. I worked in a couple of tributes to Brock Yates and his original Cannonball and One Lap races on the decal sheets. The roof carries four coms antennae for the scanners and two satellite dishes to power the Pear Computer laptops.


    Dude that is outstanding! It has all of the innovation and imagination that we've come to expect from our Cannonball crew. Well done!

  2. 2 hours ago, crazyjim said:

    Hell of a move from Tampa to the wilds of Idaho.  Miss seeing you and your builds at the local contests.

    I know. It's still a little surreal now. I do miss the Tampa Bay contests and all the cool people. I have a great club here but fewer contests to be sure.

  3. 9 minutes ago, cobraman said:

    Love the wide open spaces.

    Me too. That's my view walking out the front door.

    1 hour ago, misterNNL said:

    So just how odd are your chickens then?

    Chickens are the most frustrating, backwards, moronic, messy creatures on this planet, and that's counting human children and goats! I'm not a fan, but my wife loves them. Every time we lose one to a hawk, (not often but occasionally) I'm inwardly rooting for the hawk. 

  4. Two years ago my wife and I purchased a 10 acre homestead in a south Idaho canyon. So far we've added three goats, one steer, 25 odd chickens, and a 24'x24' garden that is doing marvelously.

    Building fencing, pens, coops and huts for the animals is really sucking up a LOT of time that would ordinarily be spent in the hobby room. I''ll take some better photos here soon. These are kinda old.



  5. On 7/14/2019 at 11:39 AM, gtx6970 said:


    With us being in the  new place. My old 5 ft tall cases are not going to work, as I simply do not have the floor space for them  any longer


    I have an area above the family room ( I'll call it a ledge so to speak ) I was thinking either build glass shelving with glass front or buy some nice wall mounted cases.

    The area I have avail is approx 4.5" tall and maybe 20' in overall length.

    I'm thinking something like this as an example. Not cheap by any means . But I think these would work perfectly . And it doesn't have to be lighted. But I'm not against it either

    Based on this size , I need 2 ,,,maybe even 3 of these



    Hmm. 3ftx3ft, five shelves. That will hold about 20 models. So $378 divided by 20 equals $18.90 per model. Plus the higher you go, the less you can see the models.

    Here's my recommendation. https://www.containerstore.com/s/race-car-display-cube/d?q=display cases&productId=10001594

    Nine dollars each with free shipping for orders $49 dollars or more. These cases are awesome, the two halves fit perfectly and look seamless when joined. Very clear 360 and smooth. Stack perfectly. 10-1/4" wide x 5" deep x 4" high. You could line the shelf with these stacked two high. I have about ten of these and I love them. I'd be happy to take some photos if you'd like.


  6. The B-1 always stuck me as a very simple yet elegant design. It's performance is pretty unique too. When the those wings sweep back it's capable of some pretty impressive manuevering for something so large. I got an up close and personal view when I was very briefly stationed at McConnell AFB in Wichita.

    Image result for B1 bomber

    Image result for B1 bomber


  7. 8 hours ago, charlie8575 said:

    Actually, believe it or not, quite a bit of the wiring WAS updated in the 1960s or early '70s, and most of it was done pretty well.

    During that time period a lot of aluminum wiring was used. Very unsafe. Isn't home ownership fun!?

  8. 3 hours ago, Tom Geiger said:

    Agreeing with Mike!  Take out the old plaster.  Even if you get it to look good now, it will continue to crumble.  Drywall is the way to go.  For the historic aspect, save the original molding and use it over the drywall.  

    I quite agree. Not to mention, odds are excellent that the electical wiring will need replacing. That will be worlds easier, with no plaster/lathe.

  9. Nostalgia is a fine thing. Appreciation of a finely tuned IC engine as well. But me I'm a realist. I'm down for whatever makes my life easier, makes my life less expensive. I have an 40 mile commute each way. That equates out to 4 gallons of gas each day. We consider it to be a sacrifice for living where and how we want to live. But if something comes along to knock my fuel costs down, I'll be on board in a flash. When the cost of an electric vehicle that can handle my off-the-paved-road commutes, is doable, I will do.