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  1. I'm looking for custom decals for my Mr Norms supercharger (ive swapped the body onto another fc chassis) i want to paint it black and put some custom decals on. i already have a design in mind. is there a place or a way i can make sure these will fit my car perfectly? for example i want a grille decal, how can i measure that?
  2. 68 VW HoverBug

    After the 32 ford, I can't wait to see where this goes.
  3. 32 Ford Jet Rod

    Hey... Jet Bugvette...? Jet Corbeetle?
  4. MINE`s R34 Skyline GT-R-Aoshima

    how did you get the bad paint job off in the second pic? that looks like kind of a comic book style how you stripped the paint, and it actually looks really cool
  5. 70's c10 w/ camper shell

    I'm looking to make a 1/24 OR 1/25 replica of the Farmtruck. I can't seem to find any 1970 c10s, I can't even find a camper shell by itself. However I do know where I can get a 1970 grille, so I could maybe swap that into a '71 or '72 model. I already have slicks and a motor planned out for the build
  6. 32 Ford Jet Rod

    If you add fins inside in the cavity, is there a way you could make them look mangles or damaged in some way? like an old ac unit? or like damaged window blinds?
  7. 70's c10 w/ camper shell

    The shell on the back I will most definitely have to scratch build in order to get the right detail out of it. However the front grille I can get from Bandit Resin. The thing about that is the grille on the Farmtruck says "F a r m t r u c k" instead of "C h e v r o l e t" so I might have to mold that myself, which I've never done before.
  8. 32 Ford Jet Rod

  9. 32 Ford Jet Rod

    Have you thought about blackening or putting some sort of soot color/texture behind the rear-side thrusters? Overall amazing, amazing build and concept. I made an account just to comment