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  1. Body is all createx. Pearlized green with a few drops of black thinned with 4012. Cleared with 4050 and 4012 thinner. 4050 is new product I really like it
  2. following. i would like to find a set also
  3. Chassis is a Bernstein top fuel car. Think I should try the F100 on it?
  4. my last 2 builds all comments are welcome
  5. Second time painting this car. Still not perfect but didn't want to start over again. All comments welcome Thinking about getting this kit again
  6. thanks Snake i think thats what i needed to hear
  7. gawd this picture makes the paint look booring
  8. pre painted? looks great
  9. WiseDave

    My 71 Duster

    Won’t let me load pictures of engine
  10. dry sanded looks great except in a couple spots. Repainted and clear with duplicolor looks darn good for my work site won't let me upload the 1 pic i have i'll to try another thanks again
  11. it was 100 grit sand paper looking. Getting better thanks all
  12. So far i sanded it smooth. Repainted adding more reducer. So far looks great.I can't believe how hard these paints are. But yes Kit Basher once i figure out the ratio I think it will be awesome. Thank You
  13. so i painted this with pearl lime green pearl wicked color over white autobourne sealer. The finish is pretty rough should i sand and clear coat? or just clear coat? any suggestions for a clear are welcomed 4
  14. testors red metallic cleared with MM acryl clear thanks
  15. my first for 2019 i don't post much but read alot will add more pics if requested . did not add plug wires and such so far thanks for any comments
  16. sorry been busy at work. do most of my painting on weekends. did try a little more psi and thinner paint last night. b gonna throw some clear on it saturday and see if its good to go. But yes so far everyone has been great Thank You
  17. yes that's the brush. Does the hole in the needle need to be in a certain spot? and i spray at about 25psi is that enough?
  18. Got a H for christmas sprayed well. Took it apart and cleaned it. Put back together sprays everything i try either splatters or really grainy /dry any ideas for me to try? thanks in advance
  19. positive or negitive feed back is fine
  20. from the pictures i see here i have a long way to go. Thank you
  21. This a tear down and rebuild that i built about 2 years ago. Saw the 1-1 car at a car show about 6 months ago. Absolutely loved the 1-1 car right away. So i tore the old car apart and tried to make it as close to 1-1 car as possible. I learned alot from reading different peoples posts on this great site. And yes with some work you can put enamel over acrylic. Thanks Guys
  22. as like so many i haven't done any modeling in like 35+ years. It's alot more fun at an older age. Just looking for tips to make the model look better. Thanks to all that might help if i ask
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